Ben Affleck Reveals How Jennifer Lopez Stays in Shape While Indulging in Her Favorite Foods

Ben Affleck Reveals How Jennifer Lopez Stays in Shape While Indulging in Her Favorite Foods
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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's relationship has been making headlines since they rekindled their romance last year. While some may be tired of hearing about the couple's love for each other, it's hard not to swoon when Affleck gushes about his "superwoman" wife.

As mentioned by PerezHilton, during a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Affleck couldn't help but sing Lopez's praises, particularly when it comes to her appearance. He revealed that she "just eats whatever she wants" and indulges in pizza, cookies and ice cream. While this may seem like a dream come true for many, Affleck's comments left Barrymore and viewers alike feeling a bit jealous.



When asked if Lopez's secret to looking so good was all due to working out, Affleck explained that while she does exercise regularly, there's no denying that she has a certain "superhuman" quality about her. He went on to say that her work ethic and discipline are real, but there's something else that sets her apart from the rest.

Image Source: GettyImages/Momodu Mansaray
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Momodu Mansaray


Of course, it's no secret that Lopez is absolutely stunning. Even at 53 years old, she looks like she hasn't aged a day since her early days in Hollywood. From her flawless skin to her killer bod, it's easy to see why Affleck is so enamored by his wife.



But what's even more heartwarming is the way he talks about her. Affleck isn't shy about expressing his love and admiration for Lopez, whether it's in interviews or on social media. And it's not just about her looks. He's also quick to praise her talent, intelligence and kindness.

It's clear that Affleck and Lopez have a soul connection, one that has stood the test of time. Despite their ups and downs over the years, they've found their way back to each other, and it's obvious that they're both grateful for the second chance.



As mentioned by Los Angeles Times, their weekend outing at a Malibu sushi restaurant in 2021, where they were spotted cuddling and kissing, was proof that their relationship is still going strong. And while some may roll their eyes at the constant media attention surrounding Bennifer 2.0, it's hard not to root for them.

At the end of the day, we all want to find someone who loves and supports us unconditionally. Affleck and Lopez may be celebrities, but their love story is relatable in many ways. They've faced challenges and obstacles, but they've never given up on each other.



So, as Affleck continues to gush about his soulmate, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of true love. It may not always be easy, but it's worth fighting for. And who knows, maybe we'll all find our own "perfect human" someday!

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