Bad Bunny Snagged Francisco Alvarez From Rival Agency Scott Boras in Major League Baseball

Bad Bunny Snagged Francisco Alvarez From Rival Agency Scott Boras in Major League Baseball
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Bad Bunny reportedly struck an incredible deal with baseball legend Francisco Alvarez through his new sports agency Rimas, who now possess an incredible asset from their rival Scott Boras, the agency Alvarez was initially a part of, reported Marca.



The "Un Peso" singer launched his sports agency Rimas Sports last year to offer a platform to athletes of Latin heritage in order to help them achieve their dreams and visions as best possible, as well as an increased representation. Since Bad Bunny is a member of the Latino community himself, he definitely empathizes with the whole process and encourages his new recruits, given the shared experience.

Before Alvarez decided to team up with the successful singer's agency, he was part of a rather influential Scott Boras, an agent who's reported to be one of the biggest names in the baseball league and has played a pivotal role in the success of dozens of athletes in the sport.



Rimas Sports took to Twitter as they made their announcement introducing their newest member in a minute-long video of Alvarez's best moments from his career in a highlight reel of sorts. The caption in Spanish mentions a brief introduction of the incredibly gifted baseball player from the New York Mets followed by a warm welcome. He was in his official team colors of blue or white, taking some incredible swings and making some incredible pitches throughout the montage of his professional career.

The agency also hosts a dazzling collection of other star-studded players; Santiago Espinal from the Toronto Blue Jays, Yonothan Daza of the Colorado Rockies, Wilmer Flores of the California Giants, and many more are among the list of well-seasoned athletes with pure talent and determination. 



The newcomer to the team has made a rather impressive name for himself throughout the 25 games from the season he's participated in with the Mets, at the age of just 21 years, making him a talent to watch out for in the field. According to reports from MLB, he made his debut with Major Baseball League for the New York Mets back in 2022, when he displayed exemplary skill. His hitting records stand at .216/.275/.392 and he has scored 3 home runs with 6 RBIs.



The Mets prodigy recently posted a reel on his Instagram account regarding the first hit of the season. The video featured a tense atmosphere with players from both teams cautiously positioned ready to pounce for the perfect opportunity to stop the opposite team from scoring a point. Alvarez's team were wearing their team's orange jersey while the opponents were dressed in black. Alverez seemed laser-focused on the game as he threw his all into a fell swoop of the bat as the ball simply soared through the air fleeing from the leather gloves of the catcher, going all the way out of the boundary, earning him a beautiful home run.

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