Evan Rachel Wood’s Character Is Both Wyatt And Dolores In ‘Westworld’ Season 2

The Season 1 finale of Westworld aired in December 2016 on HBO so, in advance of the show’s Season 2 premiere next Sunday, old fans are catching up. It’s not only entertaining to revisit the multilayered sci-fi universe that has soared beyond the original 1970s film and Michael Crichton novel — it’s almost a necessity, […]

This Guy Nurtures Mark Cuban’s ‘Shark Tank’ Investments

Back in 2007, Abe Minkara was quoted in The New York Times about a new niche in personal grooming products: hair care for men who don’t have any. Minkara was the founder of a company called “Bold For Men,” and told The Times that he wasn’t much for the word “bald.” “I prefer being called […]

Ada Vox’s Stunning ‘American Idol’ Audition Only More Fascinating Because Of The Singer’s ‘AI’ History

When American Idol came to ABC for Season 16, after 15 seasons on Fox, fans were expecting few changes. Ryan Seacrest, who had been there from the beginning, was back. The audition process, with the cheers of “You’re Going to Hollywood!” bestowed upon successful contestants, seemed to function just like in the old days. Sunday […]

Lori Greiner Describes A ‘Shark Tank’ Fail That Didn’t Make It To Air

It takes a lot of time to film a season of Shark Tank. Back in 2015, Business Insider reported that the entirety of Season 7, which was comprised of 29 episodes, was filmed in 17 days. That means the sharks spend long hours in those comfy seats, listening to pitches of about an hour’s length, […]

Kevin O’Leary Gets Help From ‘Shark Tank’ Co-Stars Mark Cuban And Barbara Corcoran To Settle Up Political Run

It’s been almost a year since Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary abandoned his bid to head up Canada’s Conservative Party. But his campaign remains heavily in debt, a problem he can’t handle on his own. The issue is not O’Leary’s lack of personal funds to cover the outstanding amount, which The Globe and Mail reported […]

The Day ‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran Discovered $44 Million In Her Bank Account

Back in 2001, future Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran was still giving herself an allowance. Every week, she would take her cash card to the bank machine and withdraw $200. That was her spending money. Then, one day, she checked her receipt after claiming her cash. The account balance? $44 million. No, it wasn’t a […]

Kevin O’Leary Explains Why Ring Did Not Get A ‘Shark Tank’ Deal

Amazon reportedly bought the company Ring, which produces a video-enabled doorbell, for $1 billion this week. As CNBC reported on Tuesday, the venture, then called Doorbot, had a less-than-successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2013. At that time, only one shark, Kevin O’Leary, offered to give the company’s founder, Jamie Siminoff, a deal. Siminoff turned […]

‘Shark Tank’: Flashback To That Great Moment When Six Sharks Sat On The Panel

Shark Tank has not changed much over its nine seasons. But on the premiere of Season 8 in the fall of 2016, the show engaged in a bit of an experiment. Instead of featuring five sharks, it added another chair, so all six of the investors could hold court at the same time. It was […]

‘Shark Tank’: The Hollywood Story Behind the Man Who Created Hugo’s Amazing Tape

On Sunday night’s Shark Tank, two sisters step on to the carpet to pitch a business started by their father, Hugo Maisnik. The product, Hugo’s Amazing Tape, is a bit of a wonder. It’s strong, holds fast but leaves no residue. It’s reusable and sticks only to itself. According to the company’s website, Maisnik discovered […]

Watch Pre-Teen Tessa Virtue And Scott Moir Skate Together Years Before Their Olympic Triumphs

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have already taken home gold at the Pyeongchang Olympics — they mounted the podium with their fellow members of Team Canada to win the Team Skate competition last weekend — but they are not finished yet. The iconic ice dancing duo, who won gold in 2010, silver in 2014, and […]

SolSource Had A Long History Before ‘Shark Tank’

On Sunday night’s episode of Shark Tank, Catlin Powers walked on set with a bold ask: $500,000 for 3 percent of SolSource. The company sells a solar-powered grill that eliminates air pollution caused by smoke. Powers’ pitch included an interesting backstory. While working on environmental issues in the Himalayas, she discovered that local families burned […]

Robert Herjavec Of ‘Shark Tank’ Won’t Get Behind Cryptocurrency Right Now — Because He’s One Of The Good Guys

Given the meteoric rise — and fall — of Bitcoin over the past year or so, almost every Shark Tank investor has been asked how they feel about cryptocurrency. While it’s tougher to find comments by Barbara Corcoran or Lori Greiner on the issue, the other four sharks have had their say, and their opinions […]

Daymond John’s Story About Robert Herjavec Shows The ‘Shark Tank’ Stars Are Real-Life Friends

Every episode of Shark Tank brings some dose of drama, none so captivating, usually, as a bit of a tiff between the sharks. There’s real money at stake on the program, so when there’s potentially a great investment on the table, it’s no holds barred between the panelists. But Daymond John’s recent interview with People […]

The ‘Shark Tank’ Effect Can Fall Flat, As One Lori Greiner Investment Proved Two Years After Making a Deal

Part of the mythology of Shark Tank is the so-called “‘Shark Tank’ Effect.” Once the episode airs, entrepreneurs who are used to doing business out of their basements suddenly get an influx of orders, crashing their website servers and either pivoting their company into stratospheric success or miserable failure when they don’t have the capacity […]

Rex Tillerson And James Mattis Attend International Summit On North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Tuesday, to discuss North Korea with more than a dozen U.S. allies. The State Department’s director of policy planning, Brian Hook, told CNN that past and future actions regarding North Korea are on the agenda. Specifically, discussions will […]

Robert Herjavec Of ‘Shark Tank’ Says Private Jets Aren’t About Luxury

For most people looking in from the outside, it would seem like having a private jet is a pretty luxurious experience. There are no long lines to check in, no tripping over fellow passengers to visit the restroom, and no countless scrolls through the in-flight entertainment menu to find something worth watching. But according to […]

James Franco Says He Would Take Tommy Wiseau To The Oscars

Watchers of the Golden Globe red carpet Sunday night may have noted James Franco didn’t take his Disaster Artist muse — director of The Room, Tommy Wiseau — to the awards ceremony. Instead, he was side-by-side with his co-star and brother, Dave Franco. Dave’s wife, Alison Brie, herself a Golden Globe nominee, attended separately with […]

Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Shark Tank’ Investment Wicked Good Cupcakes Finds A Niche In The Bakery Gift Business

In Season 4 of Shark Tank, mother-daughter business owners Tracey Noonan and Dani Vilagie made a deal with Kevin O’Leary for their cupcake in a mason jar company, Wicked Good Cupcakes. At the time, critics called the royalty deal — which gives O’Leary a few dimes of every jar of cupcake sold in perpetuity in […]

Sarah Oliver Handbags: The Unfortunate End To The Story Of The ‘Shark Tank’ Company That Warmed Hearts

Any Shark Tank fans who regularly consume reruns may have recently seen Episode 14 of Season 7 on Netflix or CNBC. That was the installment featuring Sarah Oliver Handbags, a company run by a California designer who hired residents of a Mill Valley retirement community to perform the initial knitting on her products. As part […]

Does Chewbacca Have A Vegan Epiphany In ‘The Last Jedi’?

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers from the new film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Probably the last thing anyone expected from Star Wars: The Last Jedi was a treatise on animal rights. But according to one commentator writing on the website of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the movie not […]

Kevin O’Leary Says Bitcoin Won’t Work As A Currency

Bitcoin evangelists think of the cryptocurrency as just that: a currency. They see it as the future of money, a way to send cash from person to person without government interference. In theory, Bitcoin’s decentralized, secure blockchain makes it an ideal platform for international commerce. So Kevin O’Leary, the Shark Tank panelist who loves money, […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Mark Cuban Calls Bitcoin A ‘Collectible’ But He’s Still A Fan Of Blockchain

According to Mark Cuban, Bitcoin is like a work of art. No, he’s not talking about how pretty he finds the golden Bitcoin logo. He’s comparing the teen idol of the financial world to traditional forms of investment. The cryptocurrency, which evangelists push as a new form of currency for ecommerce and widespread trade, is […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Brings Bitcoin To Prime Time Comedy

The folks that created The Big Bang Theory included a clever plot device: making the main characters scientists. In the world of television comedy, it doesn’t matter whether they are physicists or engineers or neurobiologists. They can offer a gateway into anything even remotely scientific, including the still little-known world of cryptocurrency and its rockstar, […]

How ‘Shark Tank’ Star Kevin O’Leary Uses His Mother’s Wisdom In Investing And Life

Kevin O’Leary has often recounted the story of how his mother influenced his investment philosophy. On his official website, the Shark Tank star says he inherited his “business intuition” from his mother. O’Leary once told Macleans that he discovered as the executor of her estate that she had preserved all of the wealth she’d earned. […]

‘Shark Tank’ Producers Didn’t Want Two Women On The Panel In Season One

It’s no surprise to Shark Tank fans that Barbara Corcoran had to fight for her seat on the program. The multimillionaire founder of The Corcoran Group has frequently told the story of advocating for herself after producer Mark Burnett extended an offer to her, only to abruptly rescind it, as he was putting the show […]

‘Shark Tank’: Richard Branson Explains Throwing Water On Mark Cuban

Season 9 of Shark Tank has been chock full of big name guest sharks, not least of whom was Richard Branson who appeared in early October. The episode was memorable not only for Branson’s presence on the panel but his mini-water fight with Mark Cuban during the pitch of Yunha Kim, who created the meditation […]

Why Chris Sacca Left ‘Shark Tank’

Last season, Chris Sacca was a guest panelist on Shark Tank. With an estimated net worth of $1.11 billion as of October 29, 2017, according to Forbes, Sacca was one of the wealthiest investors on the show. But he decided not to come back, for a simple reason: he was done with working life — […]

‘Shark Tank’: The Surprising End To The ‘Benjilock’ Pitch [Spoilers]

[Warning: The following post contains spoilers from the all-new episode of Shark Tank airing Sunday night on ABC.] When Robbie Cabral entered the Shark Tank with Benjilock, he knew he had something of value. According to Cabral’s own LinkedIn profile, the product has won numerous innovation awards this year. So it was probably not a […]

Why Lori Greiner Of ‘Shark Tank’ Speaks Spanish: To Do Better Business

Viewers of a new episode of Shark Tank Sunday night may be in for a bit of a surprise. It turns out the “Queen of QVC,” Lori Greiner, speaks Spanish. She converses with an entrepreneur in his first language after guest shark Alex Rodriguez starts to do the same. Apparently, Greiner wasn’t about to let […]

‘Shark Tank’: Why ‘Fidgetland’ Devices May Be Better Than Those Spinners You Know Too Well

There was one device that hit the market earlier this year that almost everyone ran to buy: the fidget spinner. You’d think that something so widely available just a few months ago would preclude a competing product to make an appearance on Shark Tank. That conventional wisdom is challenged tonight, however, as the proprietor of […]

Why Richard Branson Says One Day We’ll Think Killing Animals For Food Is ‘Archaic’

Richard Branson wrote in a blog post on the Virgin website in August that he foresaw a future where humanity no longer kills animals for meat. The post came as Branson, agricultural giant Cargill and fellow entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates invested in lab-grown meat. As CNBC reported, Memphis Meats raised $17 million on the […]

Sara Blakely: ‘Shark Tank’ Season 9 Guest Shark Gives Half Her Wealth To Charity And Other Fun Facts

If you’ve ever worn Spanx, you have Sara Blakely to thank. The foot-less pantyhose — created so women could look better in pants — were the brainchild of the Florida-born entrepreneur. The company was started with $5,000 she’d saved, according to her official bio, from selling fax machines door-to-door — never poo-poo the power of […]

‘Shark Tank’: Why Sunday Nights Are The Show’s New Home For Season 9

When news broke over the summer that Shark Tank was moving to Sunday nights, it was a bit of a shock to the system for many fans. The show, now entering its ninth season with a two-hour premiere episode, has been quietly airing on Friday nights for eight years. Even though reruns air regularly on […]

Christmas Abbott Posts X-Ray Of Foot Injured On ‘BB19’

Christmas Abbott came onto Big Brother 19 as an obvious physical competitor, as a crossfit star, and as SB Nation gushed back in 2013, the first female member of a NASCAR pit crew. Few people foresaw that Abbott would end up having to play an entirely different game after entering the house. During an early […]

‘Shark Tank’ Company ‘Plated’ Gets Huge Buyout After Surprising Change In Shark Investors

In Season 9 of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban may take Kevin O’Leary’s center seat on the panel at least once, but if a recent deal of O’Leary’s is any indication, Mr. Wonderful still sometimes gets the last laugh in the competitive world of television venture capital. Yesterday, Tech Crunch reported that grocery chain Albertsons acquired […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 9: Kevin O’Leary Offers Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like between pitches during a Shark Tank taping, Kevin O’Leary had the video for you on Sunday. The sharks, apparently not attending the Emmys like everyone else in prime time television, were on break from listening to entrepreneurs offering a stake in their businesses. O’Leary spent about a minute […]

Stephen Colbert Struggled With ‘Late Show’ Gig Until The Political Tide Made His Style Of Comedy More Popular

It’s September, 2017, and Stephen Colbert, host of the late night program that bears his name, is set to host the Primetime Emmy Awards. Colbert, who first came to audience attention as the character that also bore his name on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, is celebrating his No. 1 spot in the late night […]

How Mark Hamill Accidentally Became A Fan Of A UK Football Team

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill isn’t shy about using Twitter. The affable man behind Luke Skywalker is always ready to “like” a message from a fan or acknowledge words of support from his millions of followers. Late last week, however, his agreeable nature led to a minor misunderstanding. Asked if he was a fan of […]

Barbara Corcoran Gets ‘DWTS’ Good Luck From Robert Herjavec But Probably Isn’t Looking For The Same Outcome

When Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec competed on Dancing With the Stars back in 2015, he was going through a divorce. From the painful experience, however, Herjavec — who told The Toronto Star at the time that he used to watch DWTS with his mother — got a new love. He and his professional partner […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 9: Mark Cuban Takes Kevin O’Leary’s Center Seat At Least Once This Season

Fans of Shark Tank know at least one thing for sure: Kevin O’Leary always gets the center seat on the panel. The tradition goes back not only to the origins of Shark Tank but to O’Leary’s time on Dragons’ Den, the CBC show of a similar format that predated the ABC powerhouse. But during Season […]

Did A Lack Of Diversity Cause The Death Of ‘Deadpool 2’ Stuntperson? One Observer Says Yes

Earlier this month, S.J. Harris, reported by People as calling herself the first African-American woman to compete as a road racer, died tragically on the Vancouver set of Deadpool 2. Harris, working for the first time as a stuntperson, crashed a motorcycle into a concrete curb and was propelled through a glass window while doubling […]

Mark Cuban Invested In Red Dress Boutique But Diana Harbour Calls Her ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch ‘Torture’ Years Later

When Josh and Diana Harbour stepped on to the Shark Tank carpet more than three years ago, they didn’t know they were about to transport their already successful online business Red Dress Boutique into stratospheric territory. At the time of the summer, 2014, taping, Red Dress was on track to make $12 million in annual […]

‘Shark Tank’ Season 9 Preview: New Night, More Guest Sharks

Shark Tank fans may have become accustomed to settling in to watch budding entrepreneurs pitch the investors as part of ABC’s Friday night lineup. But for the upcoming Season 9, Shank Tank fans will have to set their DVRs for Sunday or switch up their television-watching routine. Kevin O’Leary talked about the new season during […]

Jim Parsons Doesn’t Think ‘Young Sheldon’ Is A Spinoff: Here’s How It’s Different From TBBT

Jim Parsons and Iain Armitage are the only two actors in history to have played Sheldon Cooper on television. While Parsons has 10 years experience in the role, Armitage is just getting started. The nine-year-old plays Cooper in the new series Young Sheldon, on which Parsons is executive producer and narrator. But during an interview […]

‘Shark Tank’ Star Mark Cuban On AI: It’s Scary

Mark Cuban may be many things: Shark Tank star, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and entrepreneur who will always have made his first big score by investing in technology. But expert on artificial intelligence? Maybe not. Nonetheless, when asked about AI at OzyFest last week, Cuban was clear: it’s scary. He’s done reading on […]

Was The Prank Kaley Cuoco And Johnny Galecki Played On-Set Funny Or In Bad Taste?

The stars of The Big Bang Theory are meeting fans at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend and, like in previous years, they’ve brought a few stories from filming the popular sitcom. But the story that Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco — one-time romantic flames — told may leave some scratching their heads as to whether […]

Why Mayim Bialik Is Turning Her Placenta Into Art For Her Home

Mayim Bialik posted on her Facebook page today that she’s tapped an independent jewelry designer, Ruth Avra, to make a special piece for her. The piece, gathering from Bialik’s description, is meant to celebrate the unique bond mothers have with children during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avra makes custom pieces out of biological […]

Did Cole Sprouse Argue With A Busker Near The ‘Riverdale’ Set? Watch The Video And Decide

Anyone who’s ever been near a movie set knows it’s not always in some remote location, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city. Such is the case with Riverdale, which is currently filming its second season in Vancouver, British Columbia. Recently, one of those Riverdale scenes was shot in […]

‘Big Brother’ Fan Fave Who’s A Self-Made Multi-Millionaire: Jamie Kern Lima’s Path To Success

Back in 2000, an experimental form of reality entertainment debuted on American television. It was the first season of Big Brother, the European import that promised an addictive mix of 24-hour surveillance, game play, and hijinks when a group of strangers shacked up together in a makeshift house. In that first year, many things were […]

‘Shark Tank’ Deal Fizzled: Why Lori Greiner’s Investment In ‘Windcatcher’ Went Bust

If you were watching Shark Tank in October 2015, you probably remember Ryan Frayne’s unique pitch. The founder of outdoor gear company Windcatcher listened patiently as the sharks fought over his business that boasted of investable technology — a few breaths are all that’s needed to inflate Windcatcher’s AirPad. Memorably, Frayne wrote down the specifics […]