Kyle Mooney


My first name means 'handsome' and my last name means 'wealthy'. I've lived in 6 cities in 2 countries on 2 continents, visited 25 countries on 5 continents, and have 2 degrees in 4 subjects from 6 universities in 2 countries. I saw Ethan Hawke cheating on Uma Thurman before she knew about it. Mary J Blige had me removed from an interview. I had a facebook conversation with Erykah Badu, shook hands with Lauryn Hill and made Sharon Jones laugh out loud. I spent 45 minutes behind bars in New York. My first word was McDonald's. I know someone who got Stigmata. I peed in Christopher Columbus' backyard. I was kicked and strangled by two homeless people in Paris. When Domino's opened in Newfoundland, I got a $510 speeding ticket. I like Nina Simone. I like Montreal.

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