Drill Sergeant Reunited With Daughter That Mother Gave Up For Adoption

An Army Drill Sergeant has been reunited with his daughter after his estranged wife gave her up for adoption without his knowledge or permission. According to ABC News, Sgt. Terry Achane has spent nearly two years trying to get his daughter back after she was adopted while he was stationed in another state. The Utah […]

Japan To Launch World’s First 4K Television Broadcast In July 2014

The Japanese government plans to launch the world’s first 4K television broadcast in July 2014. According to GadgetBox, the first 4K television broadcast is two years ahead of schedule. The broadcast will hopefully stir up more demand for the ultra-high-definition TVs. The service will begin from communications satellites, followed by satellite broadcasting and ground digital […]

New Mexico Teen Who Killed Five Family Members Also Planned To Shoot Random People At Walmart

The New Mexico teenager who used an assault rifle to kill five of his family members told police that he planned on going to a Walmart and randomly shoot people. According to ABC News, after 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego killed his mother, he sent a picture of his dead mother to his 12-year-old girlfriend and then […]

The 420-Square-Foot Transforming Apartment

This transforming apartment packs 8 rooms into a small 420-square-foot space. According to Daily Mail, the apartment is the product of Graham Hill, entrepreneur and treehugger.com founder, to come up with an ideal New York apartment. The limitations of the project was that the apartment had to have a small footprint, both physically and environmentally, […]

Second Chemist Accused of Evidence Tampering In Massachusetts

A second chemist in Massachusetts has been accused of evidence tampering. CNN reports that Sonja Farak, who works at the Massachusetts State Crime Laboratory in Amherst, removed a substance that tested positive for cocaine from a case file and replaced it with one that did not test positive. The 35-year-old chemist was arrested fon Saturday […]

Los Angeles Cop Under Investigation After Giving Cyclist Ticket ‘For Arguing With Me’

A Los Angeles cop is now under investigation after he gave a cyclist a ticket “for arguing with me.” According to NBC News, the officer’s conduct is under investigation after a video of him ticketing a bicyclist who told him he was blocking the bike path went viral. In the 10-minute video clip (shown below), […]

American Airlines Unveils Its Brand New Look

American Airlines have unveiled their new look in decades. According to NBC News, on Thursday, American Airlines unveiled their new look that they have been developing as they try to emerge from bankruptcy. The new look has brighter colors, an “updated eagle” peeking out from a ribbon, a more contemporary font, and bold red-white-and-blue stripes […]

Woman Protected From Rapist/Arsonist By 14-Year-Old Boy With Hunting Knife

A woman was recently protected from a rapist/arsonist by a 14-year-old boy with a hunting knife. According to NBC News, a young woman was kidnapped from the Central Michigan University’s campus by Eric Lee Ramsey. After kidnapping her, Ramsey took her to a home, bound her, and sexually assaulted her. According to Isabella County Sheriff […]

The iPotty Unveiled at 2013 CES

The iPotty was unveiled last week at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. According to TODAY, the iPotty looks like a regular plastic toilet with a removable bowl. However, the iPotty is a regular plastic toilet with an unusual twist. It has an adjustable stand attached to it that’s fit specifically for […]

Was A Gun-Themed Fashion Show Overly Offensive?

Was the gun-themed fashion show that was presented this week in Milan overly offensive? According to Today, German designer Phillip Plein caused a lot of controversy when he sent gun-wielding models down the runway during his Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show during Milan Menswear Fashion Week on Monday. The models that strutted down the catwalk were […]

ChoreMonster Rewards Kids For Doing Chores

The new application ChoreMonster rewards your kids for doing chores. According to Today, ChoreMonster is a new app designed to encourage children to do chores by turning the otherwise monotonous tasks into games and rewarding kids with points once they are done. Once your kid has racked up enough points, they can trade them in […]

Massachusetts Officials Pull Violent Video Games From State-Owned Rest Stops

Massachusetts state officials have pulled violent, gun-based arcade games from state owned rest stops. According to NBC News, many politicians and pundits have suggested that violent video games were a contributing factor to the recent violence surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. This is just a theory because they have yet to make any […]

Sandy Hook Promise Calls For A ‘National Conversation’ On Gun Control And Other Issues

A new Sandy Hook group called Sandy Hook Promise is calling for a “national conversation” on gun control, school safety, and mental health. According to Huffington Post, Sandy Hook Promise was launched a month after the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School to honor the lives that were lost. The new group is committed […]

US Attorney’s Office Dismissed Charges Against Swartz After Suicide

BOSTON – The US Attorney’s office has decided to dismiss the charges against Internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz after his reported suicide. According to NBC News, paperwork was filed on Monday dropping the charges that were against Swartz. Because of Swartz’s death, U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz did not want to discuss the case. Christina Dilorio-Sterling […]

Man Buys Antique Camera And Finds 100-Year-Old Photos Inside

San Diego – An analog photographer bought an antique camera and found 100-year-old photos of the World War I era inside. According to Today, Anton Orlov recently went to an antique shop near Los Angeles and bought a 1901 Bellini Jumelle photo camera. Orlov says that he only payed $100 for the antique camera. However, […]

Top 10 Coolest Things I Saw At The 2013 CES

The international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest gadgets and electronics trade show and this year I was given the opportunity to attend the Las Vegas show with a group of IQ writers where I covered various offerings from the event. CES is not open to public but more than 150,000 industry personnel […]

Martian Watches Wirelessly Connect You To Your Phone

Martian Watches made their debut this past week in Las Vegas as they introduced their new line of watches that connect you to your phone. I was given the opportunity to attend the 2013 CES with a group of IQ writers this past week. Before the event kicked off, he went to the PEPCOM Digital […]

Philip DeFranco With Engadget At CES 2013

Philip DeFranco spoke on the Engadget CES podcast this week at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas. Defranco joined TechnoBuffalo’s Jon Rettinger on Wednesday to discuss some of their favorite products that they found at the show. Here is the link to the Engadget CES podcast. For those of you that do not know who […]

Hitachi Introduces Their Protoype For Quartz Glass Data Storage

Scientists in Japan have come up with a way to store data in little slivers of quartz glass. According to Technorati, Japanese storage and electronics company Hitachi has announced that it has come up with a solution that stores data on slivers of quartz glass. UC Santa Cruz’s Director for the Center of Research in […]

CES 2013: Razer Introduces First Tablet Designed For Online Gamers

Razer introduced the first tablet designed for online gamers at the 2013 International CES in Vegas this week. According to the RazerZone.com, the Razer Edge Pro is more than just a tablet, it’s a full-fledged mobile gaming PC. The Razer Edge Pro is ready to play all of your favorite games and applications. Gamers will […]

CES 2013: The Scuderia Ferrari Collection Makes It’s Debut

Logic3 revealed their scuderia Ferrari Collection at the 2013 CES in Las Vegas this past week. I attended the 2013 CES this past week and was able to talk to a spokesperson. According to the spokesperson, the scuderia Ferrari Collection is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team. Each […]

CES 2013: Sony Showcases 84″ KD-84X9005 Simulview Capable TV

Sony showcased their 84″ KD-84X9005 Simulview capable TV at the 2013 CES. SimulView gaming is a feature on the KD-84X9005 TV that presents two separate Full HD pictures. Each player watches their own independent screen through light easy to wear glasses that don’t need batteries. When the Simulview technology first came out, it was on […]

A 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Gets Surprise Visit From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has made a 7-year-old cancer patients dream come true. According to the Huffington Post, Millie Flamm was just too sick to attend Justin Bieber’s concert in Salt Lake City, so Bieber paid the young fan a visit in her hospital room. Bieber showed up in the 7-year-old leukemia patient’s room at Primary Children’s […]

Cash Only: The Vatican Can No Longer Take Electronic Payments

Make sure you bring cash with you if you are planning on visiting the Vatican because they can no longer take electronic payments. According to NBC News, Deutsche Bank Italia, the bank that has provided the Vatican with electronic payment services for some 15 years now, announced on Thursday that they have pulled their authorization […]

Man Finds Out That He’s Dead On Facebook After Returning From Vacation

A man returned from vacationing with his wife in Cancun to find out that has been proclaimed dead on Facebook. According to NBC News, Rusty Foster didn’t check his Facebook account while on vacation. When he returned, he discovered that he was dead on Facebook. When Foster attempted to log on to his Facebook account, […]

Erin Heatherton’s Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 Catalog Photos And Beauty Secrets

Erin Heatherton was recently featured in the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2013 Catalog. According to JustJared.com, Heatherton graced the pages of this years swimsuit catalog along with a number of other gorgeous supermodels. Some of the other models inluded: Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo, Lais Ribeiro, and Sara Sampaio. The beautiful models were photographed by photographer Russell […]

Lindsay Lohan’s Home Is Up For Rent For $10,450 Per Month

Lindsay Lohan’s home is now on the market. Lohan has been making headlines for her mismanaged financial issues over the last few years; however, it’s Lohan’s home that is making the headlines today. According to the Huffington Post, Lohan’s Beverly Hills home has now been put on the open market. The real estate agency Hilton […]

A Woman’s Tattoos Led To Her Arrest In Global Child Porn Investigation

A woman was arrested on Thursday night on suspicion of making and appearing in child porn photos that have been widely circulated over the past decade. According to NBC News, Letha Mae Montemayor, 52, was arrested hours after authorities released images of her taken from the same photos. The authorities received five tips from people […]

Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes YouTube Channel Is A Hit

Back in July, Stan Lee launched his own YouTube channel that focuses on all things related to heroes and the enthusiastic hero culture. According toAD Age, Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel grew by 238% over last week to take the No. 20 spot on the YouTube Tracker. The 1 million views the channel […]

‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm’ Release Date

A new year marks the beginning of a new year of gaming, and there is one game in particular that a lot of anime fans are looking forward to. That is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. According to Gaming Blend, the release date for Namco Bandai’s upcoming action-fighting game based on Shonen Jump’s popular […]

Leader Of IMAGiNE Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

As proof that the law is taking illegal file-sharing very seriously, Jeramiah Perkins was handed the longest prison sentence ever given in a United States file-sharing case … five years. According to CNET, Perkins, a 40-year-old man from Portsmouth, Virginia, is said to have been the head of a group that went to theaters, camcorded […]

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar To Step Down With Hefty Payout

Jason Kilar, Hulu’s CEO, is stepping down from his position … and with a pretty good payout at that. According to ADWeek, Kilar’s exit package has been estimated at $100 million. Recently, a memo sent by Kilar in July outlining “a transition plan for [a] new CEO” was leaked. The memo read: “I’ve decided to […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Set To Host 2013 Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s first film that he ever directed, the 24-minute-long Sparks, was selected for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. Now, after only four years, the actor/filmmaker has been asked to host the 2013 Sundance Film Festival Awards Ceremony. According to MovieLine.com, Gordon-Levitt is no stranger to Sundance. In his career, he has had already appeared […]

Bill Clinton Will Attend Samsung Presentation at 2013 CES In Vegas

Bill Clinton is scheduled to attend the Samsung Keynote presentation at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas next week. According to Mashable.com, CES announced that the Clinton will be joining the Samsung presentation at 9 am. The Samsung presentation will be held at The Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom and will feature Dr. Stephen Woo, president […]

Honey Boo Boo’s Mama Panics At The Site Of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment among a lot of Americans; however, there is on famous mother that can’t stand the white sandwich spread: Honey Boo Boo‘s mother. According to Today, Honey Boo Boo’s mama can’t stand to see mayonnaise in it’s unmixed form. She said: “I cannot stand mayonnaise. Yes, it is in my house, […]

CBS Will Let Viewers Choose Ending Of Upcoming ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Episode

CBS’s television series Hawaii Five-0 is preparing for a television first. The show will let the viewers choose the ending for one of their episodes via real-time voting. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the January 14 episode will allow viewers to select how the episode will end. Using real-time voting via CBS.com and Twitter during […]

Lindsay Lohan Partied With A Prince On New Year’s Eve … And Got Paid For It!

Lindsay Lohan said that she wouldn’t be partying when she went to London for New Year’s Eve, but we all new that she couldn’t avoid a good party. According to PerezHilton.com, Lohan was spotted out and about celebrating the New Year with her own enabling mother Dina Lohan. However, she does have a good excuse […]

NASA Wants To Put Asteroid In Moon’s Orbit

NASA is currently thinking of capturing an asteroid and placing it in the moon’s orbit. According to Gizmodo, researchers at the Keck Institute for Space Studies in California have “confirmed that NASA is mulling over” a plan to put an asteroid into lunar orbit. Said plan would require the launching of a special robotic spacecraft […]

Maryland First-Grader Points Finger At Friend Like Gun, Gets Suspended

Recently, America has had to hear the horrific news of multiple, cold-hearted attacks involving guns. So, it isn’t surprising that a student would be suspended from school for acting as though they had a gun. According to NBC News, that’s exactly what happened when a Maryland first-grader pointed his fingers at friends and said “pow.” […]

Families Of The ‘Dark Knight’ Massacre Victims Boycott the Theater’s Re-Opening

On Friday, July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises. That very same theater is about to be re-opened, and, in order to mark the occasion, Cinemark CEO Tim Warner has offered the victims’ families to […]

Users Can Show Off Their New Year’s Celebration Photos On Instagram’s New Site

Facebook isn’t the only site to do something new for New Year’s Eve. Instagram has decided to roll out with a New Year’s Eve page for their site. According to UberGizmo, people that use their phones to capture special moments and celebrations will now be able to share their New Year’s exploits with people around […]

Introducing The Computerized Fishing Rod SMARTROD

Imagine being able to tell the moment a fish snags your lure while fishing. Now, with SMARTROD, you will be alerted when the next fish bites … even if you aren’t near your pole. According to GizMag, the computerized POLETAP SMARTROD is a water-resistant rod created by Kansas-based inventor Ed Hope. It works with any […]

Square Enix Has Released New ‘Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’ Screenshots

Alright Final Fantasy fanatics, you’re about to be very happy. According to CinemaBlend, Square Enix has released some new screenshots of their upcoming game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which is a do-over of Final Fantasy XIV. In order to make this game a sufficient do-over, Square Enix wisely killed off the old planet, […]

What Not To Do When Trying To Rescue Someone From A Frozen Lake [Video]

Do you know what to do if you ever had to rescue someone that has fallen into a frozen lake? Gawker recently posted about a guy that fell into a frozen lake on Christmas morning in Wrightwood, California. His friend went to help him, however, he had no clue what he was doing and fell […]

New Game From Cleaversoft: ‘Dragon Runner’ To Be Released In 2014 [Video]

Video game nerds rejoice!!! A new video game from Cleaversoft called Dragon Runner is on it’s way. According to Touch Arcade, Dragon Runner is yet another auto-runner game (like Jetpack Joyride, Subway Surfers, and Tiny Wings). However, Dragon Runner has a lot of unique qualities that make it one of a kind. The hand illustrations […]

Jackson Kidnapping Case Dropped Due To Unwillingness To Cooperate With Police

Earlier this year, Katherine Jackson went missing and Michael’s kids were allegedly almost kidnapped by other members of the family due to claims of fraud in Michael’s will. According to CinemaBlend, every member of the Jackson family had something to say about the situation back then. But now that that police want to talk about […]

Charlie Chaplin’s Autotuned ‘Great Dictator’ Speech [Video]

Charlie Chaplin wrote and then gave one of the greatest political speeches ever made 73 years ago. According to the DailyDot, the speech was given by Chaplin in his film The Great Dictator. This was not only his first real speaking film, it was also his most profitable film. Chaplin delivered the speech on budget […]

intelliPaper: New Dipsosable USB Drives Made Of Paper

A company has come up with the unique idea to use embedded silicone chips to turn ordinary strips of paper into disposable, functional USB drives. According to Gizmag, the design team at intelliPaper has now patented technology that allows samll electronic components to be layered into a regular sheet of paper with USB contact points […]

Facebook’s Midnight Deliveries Feature Has A Privacy Flaw That Allows Anyone To View And Delete New Year’s Messages

Facebook launched it’s Midnight Delivery feature last week. This feature allows a user to send messages automatically to their friends at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s. This seems like a convenient feature, but it has a flaw. According to TheNextWeb.com, Facebook’s New Year’s feature has a privacy flaw that allows anyone to view […]

The TaskOne Case Turns Your iPhone Into A Handy Multi-Tool

There are some people who can’t stand to be without their iPhones. They feel the need to have it handy to check weather updates, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and other things over the internet. True, the iPhone is extremely useful to it’s user as an electronic, mulitask device. However, now that the TaskOne case gives […]