Father, Brandon Krenzler, Gives Leukemia Stricken Daugher Marijuana

Not everyone is supportive of a father’s choice to give his leukemia stricken daughter marijuana, but he still insists it’s best thing to do. Brandon Krenzler has been giving his 7-year-old daughter, MyKayla, marijuana ever since she received her terrifying diagnosis. “Before the marijuana,” he said. “she did not want to eat anything. She was […]

McDonald’s Walkout: Staff Walk Out After Air Conditioning Breaks Down

McDonad’s staff members in New York walked out Friday after the air conditioning broke down during a heat wave. The heat index reached 107 degrees that day and the employees couldn’t stand it anymore. They were becoming physically sick, so they decided to walk out. Many lawmakers in the state supported the employees including Senator […]

Florida Sheriff’s Deputy, Chris Wood, Suspended For Bringing Iced Tea And Skittles To Work

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was suspended Thursday after he brought iced tea and skittles to his place of work at the Florida County Jail. Chris Wood was apparently trying to make a point about dividing professional and personal opinions in the workplace, but his superiors didn’t think his gesture was appropriate at all. Chris Wood […]

Baseball Hits And Kills Little Boy During Practice

Indiana – Tuesday was a very sad day for the Williams family. A baseball hit their 8-year-old boy in the neck and killed him during practice. After the ball hit Dylan Williams, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. He died the next day when his family took him off of life support. According to […]

Texas Woman, Neola Robinson, Kills Husband And Buries His Body In Front Yard

A Texas woman has been charged with murder for allegedly killing her husband and burying his body in the front yard. Neola Robinson’s husband, Ervin ‘Shorty’ Robinson, went missing in June 2010. The 62-year-old woman went into the machine shop he worked at that month and said that he was gone. She claimed that he […]

Newlywed Couple Have Post Wedding Sex Near Playground

A newlywed couple apparently couldn’t wait to celebrate their marriage, so they sneaked off to have sex near a playground. Miaya Smith and Saint Ramirez Jr. exchanged vows at a public park in Nebraska on Tuesday and could not wait to get their hands on each other. Their lovemaking didn’t last very long because a […]

Baby Eats Grandma’s Meth And Ends Up In Hospital

A 10-month-old baby ate her grandma’s meth Tuesday night and ended up in the hospital. Marsha Ann Stevens put her granddaughter to bed that night and noticed that she started screaming just 10 minutes later. The baby also started vomiting, so her mother Courtney Stevens, called an ambulance. The baby was immediately taken to the […]

Breastfeeding Receipt: Breastfeeding Mom Gets Free Pizza

A breastfeeding receipt went viral after a waitress gave a breastfeeding mom a free pizza. The mother of three cried tears of joy after she noticed her waitress comped one of the pizzas and wrote a sweet note on the receipt. Jackie Johnson-Smith was out celebrating her birthday with her husband and three kids at […]

Disabled Husband Found Covered In Flesh Eating Maggots

A disabled man was found covered in flesh eating maggots inside his Florida home. Paramedics discovered severe sores covering Greg Tillman’s body when they came to the house. In fact, his wounds were so deep that parts of his bone were showing. Greg has been bedridden since January after he suffered a bad reaction to […]

6-Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself Over Parents’ Divorce

A 6-year-old boy hung himself in his family kitchen’s while his mother and stepfather were showering. The boy’s 7-year-old sister found him hanging from the freezer door and screamed for her parents. The parents rushed down and started performing CPR on the boy until the paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, they were unable to revive him. Police […]

Enraged Ex-boyfriend Stabs Woman In Front Of Her 8-year-old Daughter

An enraged ex-boyfriend stabbed a woman inside her home as her 8-year-old daughter stood there with fright. Justin Manns broke into Teresa Nelson’s home in Ohio on Tuesday and started attacking her with a knife. Nelson was able to call 911 for help but could only keep her ex-boyfriend away from her for so long. […]

Woman Who Stabbed Fiance On Wedding Day Gets Life In Prison

A Pennsylvania woman who stabbed her fiance on her wedding day was sentenced to life in prison. Before Na Cola Franklin was given her sentence, she said that she didn’t mean to kill her fiance, Billy Brewster, and that she still loves him. “I love him. I do still love him. I love him more […]

Ohio Man, Pat Mahaney, Dies A Year After Teens Beat Him Over Boredom

An Ohio man died almost a year after six teens brutally beat him just because they were bored. Last year in August, Pat Mahaney was just returning to his home in a Cincinnati suburb when the teens knocked him unconscious and took turns hitting him in the face and head. The 46-year-old had several internal […]

Glamour Model, Brittany Harris, Leave Kids In Parking Lot During Lil Wayne Concert

Glamour model Brittany Harris left her two young children in a parking lot for three hours while she went to a Lil Wayne concert Saturday night. The 25-year-old was arrested after a Cruzan Ampitheater employee, Barry Batchelor, discovered her children standing in a parking lot next to a black Nissan Altima. Batchelor said the children […]

Wisconsin Man On Trial For Shooting Black Neighbor Over Alleged Burglary

A Wisconsin man will start his trial this week for shooting his 13-year-old black neighbor for allegedly robbing his home last year. John Spooner shot Darius Simmons after the teen was taking out garbage at 10 a.m. The 76-year-old accused him of stealing $3,000 worth of guns from his home. Simmons told the 76-year-old that […]

Chicago Grandmother Arrested For Killing Abused 8-Year-Old

A Chicago grandmother was arrested for allegedly killing her 8-year-old granddaughter. According to police, 51-year-old Helen M. Ford strangled and beat her granddaughter, Gizzell Kiara Ford, to death after abusing her for months. On Friday, the police found the 8-year-old girl dead in her home and she had several bruises, cuts and burns on her […]

Teacher Charged With Rape On Wedding Day

A New York high school teacher was charged with rape on what was supposed to be his wedding day. John Azabache turned himself into the police on Friday after he was accused of raping a 16-year-old female student at the high school he taught at. The alleged incidents happened off school grounds and weren’t during […]

Robbery Suspect Comments On His Own Wanted Photo On Facebook

Michael Oliver probably isn’t the brightest criminal on the block. The robbery suspect actually commented on his own wanted photo on Facebook. Oliver became a fugitive in December when he allegedly punched a man in the face and stole his wallet at a Family Dollar. It all started on Wednseday when Pasco Sheriff’s Office named […]

Drunk Driver Calls 911 On Himself And Gets Arrested

A drunk driver was responsible enough to call 911 on himself after he decided he was too inebriated to drive. However, police arrested him anyway. Patrick Kelly was driving down a country road on Wednesday night in New York when he realized he could hurt someone if he continued driving. When police arrived at the […]

Man Who Used Rifle As Crutch Kills Neighbor By Accident

An Oregon man who used his rifle as a crutch to get off the couch accidentally killed a neighbor that lived upstairs. Jon Andrew Meyer Jr. said that the gun went off accidentally at his friends apartment, burst through the ceiling and shot the 5-year-old girl in the upstairs. Police still arrested the man and […]

Bully Who Brutally Beat Fellow Student On Bus Gets Off With Probation

A bully who brutally beat a fellow student on a bus in February was sentenced to 270 days of probation. On Thursday, the teen who beat 16-year-old Chase Cristia pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge. Chase’s mother, Tracy, said that the sentencing felt like a big relief. “So many sleepless nights,” she said. “Emergency […]

Teen Beats Chihuahua With Wooden Board

A teen beat a chihuahua with a wooden board after it approached his pit bull on Wednesday. According to witnesses, Lorenzo Segundo hit the dog at least seven times before dumping its lifeless body in a trash can. The poor chihuahua suffered fractures to its eye socket, skull and vertebrae. It also bled from its […]

Man Dressed As Butterfly Tries To Have Sex With Underage Girl

A New Jersey man dressed as a butterfly arranged to have sex with an underage girl, but he was busted by undercover police. David Reiser pretended to be a 15-year-old boy and contacted an undercover detective in an online chat room. He eventually revealed that he was actually 19 and began having phone conversations with […]

Man Throws Semen On Woman In Walmart

Delaware – A man threw semen on a woman he followed in Walmart and got it all over her legs and buttocks. Frank J. Short Jr. was arrested and charged with harassment, disorderly conduct, and lewdness after the woman contacted store security. The 20-year-old woman admitted that she felt a glob of semen just below […]

Parents Didn’t Take Malnourished Baby To Doctor Over Religious Beliefs

Two parents in Phoenix never took their malnourished baby to the doctor because of religious beliefs, and that 15-month-old has since died. An ambulance was called to the little girl’s home on Wednesday after she stopped breathing. She was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and later died. The 15-month-old only weighed nine pounds and had […]

Canadian Teen, Lauren Fagen, Tries To Kiss Lion And Suffers Injuries

A Canadian teen tried to a kiss a lion while she was volunteering at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa and suffered a lot of injuries. As Lauren Fagen tried to feed the lion through the bars, the lion dragged her into his cage by her legs. Luckily, another volunteer dragged her away […]

Housekeeper Eats Pot Brownie And Ends Up In Hospital

A Chicago housekeeper unknowingly ate a pot brownie that was left on her employer’s kitchen counter and ended up in the hospital. After she tested positive for marijuana at the hospital, the police started an investigation. They went back to the Orland Park home she cleaned and asked the 23-year-old man, whose parents owned the […]

Walmart Employee Fired For Reporting Dog In Hot Car

A Walmart employee in Ontario was fired for reporting a dog that was left in a hot car. Yes, Carla Cheney actually lost her job for confronting a customer about leaving his poor dog in his hot truck. She said she noticed a man left his dog in his truck with the windows rolled up before […]

Teen Girl Swallows Bag Of Meth During Traffic Stop

A teen girl swallowed a bag of meth and died after being pulled over for speeding Friday. Madeleine Gene Richardson was riding in the car with friends when police pulled them over and found marijuana residue and drug apparatus in the car. The Texas teen and her 20-year-old friend Gary Keife were arrested and charged with drug […]

April Jones’ Killer, Mark Bridger, Attacked With Knife In Prison

April Jones’ killer, Mark Bridger, was brutally attacked by a fellow inmate on Sunday. He was slashed across the face with a knife and was taken to the hospital for stitches. Mark Bridger was attacked after he walked along a gangway and is badly scarred from the incident. A lot of people supported the prisoner who […]

Florida Teenager, Andrew Hudson, Survives Alligator Bite To Head

Andrew Hudson might just be the luckiest person in the world right now for surviving an alligator bite to the head Monday. The 17-year-old was swimming in a river in Little Big Econ State Forest in Florida with some friends that afternoon. After he kicked what he thought was a log in the water, an alligator […]

False Rape Accuser, Leanne Black, Sentenced to Prison

False rape accuser Leanne Black was sentenced to two years in prison after she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. The 32-year-old made false rape allegations against five men over a period of eight years and finally got what she deserved. She reportedly accused her partners of rape to get revenge on them […]

Missing Pit Bull Comes Home After Three Years

A missing pit bull reunited with his owner Sunday night after being gone for three years. When Smoke, the 65-pound pit bull, finally arrived to Huntington Beach, his owner Eric Hough stroked and him and said, “Yeah, you remember, don’t you?” “Are you happy to be home, buddy?” Hough asked. Smoke went missing three years ago when […]

Closure Of Public Toilets Can Lead To Health Issues

Hundreds of public toilets have been closed in England this year due to budget cuts. This widespread closure of public toilets can lead to health issues, according to experts. Health experts believe this situation has gotten so bad that people feel prisoners in their own homes. “Not being able to empty your bladder may cause […]

Bull Terrier Beheads Tiny Pomeranian Dog

England – A bull terrier beheaded a tiny Pomeranian dog [not pictured] during a vicious attack Saturday in the front yard of a home. After the horrific incident, the owner of the bull terrier just walked off and acted like nothing happened. Before the owner of the bull terrier strolled off, she reportedly said, “It’s […]

Drunk Teen Who Crashed Into Three Houses Sentenced Six Months In Jail

A drunk teen who crashed into three houses with her BMW was sentenced to six months in jail. Laura Binch apparently wasn’t very remorseful after the accident. She even had the nerve to ask one of the homeowners, “Do you know who my dad is? He’s rich.” According to Prosecutor David Outterside, the British teen tried […]

Surfer Found With Shark Bites Killed Himself

A surfer who was found with shark bites in May actually killed himself before the shark got to him. Brandon Beaver was found face down in the water in La Jolla, Calif. with shark bites all over him. Everyone thought a shark killed him until an autopsy report revealed that he died before he was […]

Smoker Wears Cage On Head To Stop Having Cigarettes

Not many people are determined as Ibrahim Yücel to stop smoking. This smoker is actually wearing a cage on his head to stop himself from having cigarettes. The 42-year-old Turkish man has been smoking two packs of cigarettes since he was 16 and is desperate to quit. His father died from lung cancer, so he […]

Man Throws Dog Off Balcony

A Georgia man apparently got so angry at his dog that he threw it off a second story balcony at an extended stay hotel. Marcell Sibley was caught on camera throwing his Yorkshire terrier off the balcony. After the dog hit the ground, Sibley picked it up and tossed it in a dumpster. A resident […]

Cop Shoots Pit Bull Inside Petco Store

A cop shot a pit bull inside a Petco store in Austin after it attacked another dog. The incident happened at about 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday when a pit bull got away from its 16-year-old owner and attacked a Maltese that was in the store. “When she [officer] got to the back of the store, […]

8-Year-Old Saves Drowning Baby Brother

An 8-year-old boy in Alabama saved the day on Tuesday when he rescued his drowning 2-year-old brother. Michael Myslinski and his little brother Jayden were swimming in the pool while their parents worked in the yard. When Jayden slipped underwater, Michael grabbed him and screamed, “Jayden is drowning!” “I thought to pull him up and then […]

Serial Thief Writes Apology Letter From Prison

A serial thief from Birmingham apparently felt bad for stealing from 20 people over the course of two months and wrote them an apology letter from prison. Richard Dawson was caught after a citizen recognized him when he stole a gold chain from a woman’s neck. He was sentenced to eight years in prison on […]

Hero Bride-to-be Saves Drowning Boy During Engagment Photo Shoot

A bride-to-be in Pennsylvania was taking engagement photos with her fiance when she saw a little boy drowning in a creek. Becki Salmon did not think twice about messing up her hair and makeup and jumped into the creek to save the boy. She was able to push him over her shoulder and bring him […]

Mosquito Bite Almost Cost Woman Her Breast

Natalie Thomason got a mosquito bite on her breast when she was vacationing with her daughter in Egypt and didn’t think anything of it. The seemingly harmless bite, however, almost cost the woman her breast. After she noticed the bite blistered, she decided to swim in the sea to make it go down. But her […]

Oral Sex Photo Gets Teen Girl Arrested

A 15-year-old girl from Florida was arrested Monday for possessing an oral sex photo of another teen girl and her boyfriend. The teen took a photo of her friend and boyfriend having oral sex and was later charged with felony child porn. The two apparently had a fight and the friend showed the photo to […]

Man Kills Pregnant Girlfriend And Family Before Turning Himself In

A Fort Worth man killed his pregnant girlfriend, her mother, her 10-year-old brother, and dog before turning himself in to the police. An hour after brutally shooting 21-year-old Chanice Reed, 39-year-old Annette Carroll Reed, and 10-year-old Eddie McCuin, Amos Wells walked into the police station and told them that he did something bad. Police Sgt. Joe Loughman believes […]

Brazilian Wax Refusal Gets Employee Fired

A former wax specialist at the European Wax Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania claimed she was fired for refusing a Brazilian wax last October. Jennifer Finley didn’t feel comfortable about letting another employee wax her private parts during training, so she told the manager of the center that she didn’t want to do it. The 35-year-old told […]

Pedophile Dies Of Overdose Moments After Being Sentenced

A pedophile who was convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old overdosed on cyanide just moments after he was sentenced to seven years in prison. According to witnesses, Steven Parsons pretended he was sick and walked up to the court clerk’s desk to get a drink of water. Although no one saw him slip anything […]

Anorexia Turns 30-Year-Old Into Old Lady

A 30-year-old Scottish woman who has suffered from anorexia since age 10 admitted that her body looks like an old lady’s. “Doctors tell me I’ve got the bones of an 70-year-old woman,” Helen Gillespie said. “They’re so weak that I broke my wrist after a fall when I was 14. If I don’t improve, I’ll continue to […]

Diplomat Kicked Out Of Country Club Because Wife Was Breastfeeding

A Belgian diplomat was kicked out of a country club in New York just because his wife was breastfeeding. Tom Neijens and his wife Roseline Remans weren’t members of the Metropolis Country Club but asked if they could eat lunch in the dining room anyway. Once they were seated, Remans started breastfeeding their daughter, Luka. A female […]