New Study Shows Ibuprofen May Add Years To Your Life Span

Ibuprofen was developed in England in the 1960s by Dr. Stewart Adams. The ibuprofen drug, found in the homes of many, is now thought to be the key to creating new anti-aging medicines. Results from a new study suggests that use of ibuprofen may extend the life spans of certain organisms by 15 percent. The […]

Ugandan Nanny Who Abused Toddler Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

Once you’ve seen the footage of the Ugandan nanny that abused the toddler left in her care, there’s no forgetting it. The video opens with a woman and a young child sitting on the couch. The woman, the child’s nanny, attempts to feed her. After becoming frustrated with the pace at which the toddler is […]

Ebola Serum Supply Finally Makes Its Way To Liberia

BBC News reports that an Ebola serum has finally reached Liberia. The Ebola serum is made using the blood of Ebola survivors, which contain antibodies that fight the virus. In order to create the Ebola serum, the white blood cells are removed from the blood, leaving the remaining antibodies. The Center for Infectious Disease Research […]

Thousands Left Orphaned From The Ebola Epidemic

It seems the fear surrounding Ebola has died down, at least by those not directly affected. Though Ebola may no longer be dominating the headlines, many are still facing the harsh reality of such a brutal virus. The persons who have been most affected by the Ebola outbreak often go unnoticed, and are trivialized in […]

Harvard’s Obesity Pill Promises To Replace Treadmill

Harvard University is working on a new obesity pill that they believe will change the future of weight loss forever. The obesity pill will aid in the fight against obesity by reducing the amount of the body’s harmful fat cells. Researchers at Harvard believe they have discovered the secret to losing weight and combating obesity. […]

WHO Releases New Guidelines For Cervical Cancer Prevention

More than 270,000 women die every year from cervical cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Although these numbers are not as high as they were in years previous, the numbers are still very high in the developing world, where the majority of cervical cancer deaths occur. In light of this, the WHO, in […]

Dozens Go Blind After Receiving Cataract Surgery In India

India has made medical news again, this time following the botched cataract surgery of dozens. According to ABC News, the cataract surgeries took place at a free medical camp in Northern India. BBC News reported that the doctor who performed the cataract surgeries and the owner of the NGO have since been arrested. It is […]

America’s Modern Day Civil Rights Movement

In July, Eric Garner, a New Yorker was killed by an NYPD officer when he was restrained using a maneuver that had been banned by the force years prior, sparking dialogue around civil rights. The encounter was caught on camera by Garner’s friend and used as evidence in court. On December 3, five months after […]

The Exclusion Of Afghan Women From Peace Talks Is A Threat To Sustainability

A report released by Oxfam expressed concern over the future of Afghan women’s rights under the Taliban. The report states that in the 23 rounds of peace talks that have occurred since 2005, no Afghan women were present during the negotiations. “Negotiations and peace talks to date have taken place predominantly behind closed doors and […]

Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Committed Suicide After Being Abused For Years

Peyton James, a 13-year-old Texan boy, committed suicide in his home on October 8. Peyton James’ mother found his lifeless body hanging in his bedroom. James is one more teenager to buckle under the extreme pressure we are sometimes forced to endure by our peers. Unable to deal with the bullying he had endured for […]

Five Newborn Babies Die In Hospital’s Children Wing Two Days After Its Opening

A mere two days after opening the doors of its Mother-Child Hospital, the Ludhiana Civil Hospital in India has come under intense scrutiny after five newborn babies died under their care. All of the newborns died in a single day. On November 22, the Indian Express covered the new building’s opening which was inaugurated by […]

Pregnant Woman Among 4 Killed In Cleveland Shooting

In a Cleveland shooting around 7:30 p.m. on Friday night, four people were murdered and one injured in what is one of the most shocking murder-mysteries yet. Among the victims of the shooting was a 41-year-old woman who was 28 weeks pregnant at the time. Details of the Cleveland shooting are all relayed by a […]

Three-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Mouth By Playmate

What probably started as a normal day for a family in Washington State, ended in what could have been a tragic accident when a three year old boy was shot in the mouth while playing with a friend. Reports from The Chicago Tribune are that the three-year-old was playing with a neighbor on Friday when […]

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town–But He Might Not Be Able To Bring ‘Black Pete’ With Him

Not many American children may be familiar with the character ‘Black Pete.’ In the Netherlands however, Black Pete is a household name. Kids the world over are familiar with the lyrics of the song, “Santa Claus is coming to town.” For some, Santa Claus visits on December 25 of every year. In the Netherlands, it […]

Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Up On Rio’s Olympic Shores

Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro has been known for a whole host of things, including sailing and the beautiful view one can experience of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. But recently, the Bay in Rio has been known best for its polluted waters. In October, 2009, it was announced that Rio de Janeiro would be […]

Who’s Afraid Of Climate Change? Dealing With A Changing Global Climate And Its Dire Effects

The issue of whether climate change is a real phenomenon has been under debate for quite some time now. Even those who agree that climate change does indeed exist have problems arriving at a consensus as to the reason why. While persons may not be able to agree on whether climate change is a direct […]

Journalists In Egypt Defy Editors On Their Restriction Of Press Freedoms

Two hundred journalists in Egypt are rebelling against a policy declaration made last week by their newspaper editors. The declaration requires journalists to blindly support the State’s affairs and bans journalists from criticizing the police, army and judiciary in their publications. In the statement that has caused so much uproar among journalists, their editors stated […]

Nigerian Child Bride May Face Death Penalty For Killing Husband

In April, Wasila Umaru was married in a village in Northern Nigeria. The child bride, just 14 years old, is just one of many children who are forced into marriage before they are legally adults. According to the Independent, UN statistics show that approximately 39,000 child brides are married every day. One week after the […]

Suicide Among Children Is A Bigger Problem Than Ever Before, And Cyberbullying May Be The Cause

The U.K has seen a drastic increase in the number of suicides among children over the past three years. And according to ChildLine, a counseling service for young people and children, the largest suicide rate increase has been seen within the 12-15 age groups. ChildLine’s suicide report states that the number of children who’ve admitted […]

Are Video Games The Cure For Socially Awkward Behavior?

Health Researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas have teamed up with game experts to produce a video game program that puts participants in social situations to help them better develop their social skills. Mashable earlier this week interviewed Carly McCuller, who volunteered to be a part of the […]

Feminism Is About Having Choices – Emma Watson

Emma Watson, most famously known for her role as the brilliant and strong-willed Hermoine in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter film series, was appointed a UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador in July. The Inquisitr reported on the moving speech Emma made in September at the UN Headquarters in New York where Watson promoted the HeForShe Campaign. In […]

Keep Calm New Yorkers, It’s Just Ebola

New York Officials are urging its citizens to stay calm after the news of a doctor who recently worked with Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus. New Yorkers are hysterical. And who could blame them? More than 4,800 persons have died as a result of the current Ebola outbreak. But the […]

Ebola Strikes Again: First Case of Ebola Confirmed In Mali

A two-year old girl has been identified as the first Ebola case in Mali, making Mali the sixth West African country to join the Ebola epidemic. The child is reported to have spent time with her grandmother in Ebola-plagued Guinea and later returning to Mali. The forty-three people who have had contact with the child, […]

Dozens Threaten To Break Out of Ebola Quarantine In Liberia

In Liberia, dozens placed in isolation for Ebola are being starved. The persons, at risk for Ebola, have threatened to break out of isolation if they do not receive food, according to CBS News. Forty-three persons were placed in isolation following the death of four persons from Ebola in Jennewende, located near the border of […]

Children In Danger: Report Shows A Child Is Killed By Violence Every Five Minutes

A new UNICEF report shows that a child is killed as a result of violent behavior every five minutes. UNICEF’s report states the majority of these deaths occur outside of war zones with 75 percent of an estimated 345 violent deaths occurring in peaceful countries, according to The Daily Star. UNICEF also reveals that children […]

Nigeria Declared Ebola-Free After 42 Days With No New Cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared Nigeria free of Ebola after the country passed the 42 day period without any new cases of the disease. According to Time, a period of 42 days is used because it is double the incubation period of Ebola. In order to officially be declared Ebola-free a country has […]

Google Looking To Break Into The HealthCare Field With New Telemedicine Services

No time to leave your house or office to attend a doctor’s appointment? Well, telemedicine is here for you. Telemedicine allows persons to connect with doctors online for medical assistance. The business of telemedicine is not new and has been around for over a decade, the Denver Channel reports. Telemedicine, however, is definitely garnering more […]

Walmart Introduces $40 Doctor Visits At Their New Care Clinics

Months after Walmart announced its plans to enter into the healthcare industry, the world’s largest retail chain has opened a Care Clinic in Galvaston, Georgia. Northwest Georgia News has released that services to be offered at Walmart Care Clinics include preventative health services, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and guidance on managing chronic problems such […]

Britain Threatens Internet Trolls With Up To Two Years In Prison

In Britain, proposals have been made to make internet trolling punishable by up to two years in jail. Internet trolling is an act that seems to have become engrained in cyber culture. Internet trolls are mean and persistent, and if you’re found lacking, they will proceed to ruin your self esteem. According to the Tribune, […]

Is Ron Klain Competent Enough To Fill The Role Of Ebola Czar? Critics Have Their Doubts

Ron Klain, recently appointed Ebola Czar, is coming under fire from critics who believe Klain lacks the competence to fill the role assigned to him by the Head of State. Klain was appointed to the position after pressure from Republicans — and Americans as a whole — for more to be done about the country’s […]

How Much Is A Kitkat? Ebola Threatens Chocolate Prices

The Ebola outbreak has caused many to be concerned about the well being of themselves and their families but more recently, a new issue has come up – chocolate. Yes, you read that right. Ebola, after killing more than 5,000 is now threatening the world’s chocolate supply. In September, cocoa prices spiked to three-year highs […]

Where In the World Is Ebola? First Suspected Case of Ebola In South America

In Brazil, a man has been hospitalized after exhibiting signs of Ebola, in what would be the first known case of the Ebola virus in the Latin American and Caribbean region. The World Health Organization has released that more than 4,000 have died from the Ebola virus outbreak so far. The man suspected of having […]

Norovirus Infects More Than 120 At An Indiana Elementary School

More than a quarter of the students at an Elementary School in Indiana have been absent from school since Tuesday owing to what many believe is a norovirus outbreak. My Fox Chicago reports that the number of students affected is 129 in a school made up of 400 students. The norovirus was suspected to have […]

How Much Is Your ‘Vagina Tax’?

By now most are aware of the gender wage gap that exists in America, but just in case you aren’t, Sarah Silverman has released a video that draws attention to the issue in a way that is undeniably witty. The video, featured below, begins by advising on viewer discretion. It is a humorous jab at […]

Bodies Of Ebola Victims Being Left In Streets As Burial Workers Strike

The dead bodies of Ebola victims were being left in the streets and homes of Sierra Leone’s Capital, Freetown, because burial crews had not been paid for transporting the victims up until Wednesday, posing a high risk for citizens. The number of deaths of Ebola victims in Sierra Leone reaches the hundreds daily, according to […]

Another Earthquake Hits China’s Southwest Province, Quick Response Issued

The Yunnan Province of Southwest China was hit on Tuesday by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, making it the second earthquake they’ve experienced in just two months. According to an article previously published by The Inquisitr, this would also make it the fourth earthquake to hit the Province in about a year. According to Xiinhua News, […]

Jesse Matthew, Suspect in Hannah Graham Case, Taken Into Custody

Jesse Matthew, the suspect in the UVA missing student case, was arrested yesterday in Galveston, Texas, and charged with abduction with intent to defile. Jesse Matthew has been wanted by authorities ever since they searched his car and apartment for clues on the whereabouts of Hannah Graham. Hannah Graham, a sophomore at the University of […]

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Joins The ‘Ban-Wagon’ During Banned Books Week

Best-selling novel, The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS), has been banned from Riverside Unified School District’s Middle Schools. The ban was passed Monday, September 23, one day after the start of Banned Books Week. Banned Books Week was started in 1982 to ‘celebrate the freedom to read.’ If you’re in your teens, a fan of […]