Andrew Lloyd Webber Opens up About His Son’s Heartbreaking Battle With Stomach Cancer

Andrew Lloyd Webber Opens up About His Son’s Heartbreaking Battle With Stomach Cancer
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Andrew Lloyd Webber, the legendary composer, has written an emotional essay for The New York Times about the death of his son, Nicholas Webber, who passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 43. In the essay, Andrew shares a touching memory of the last conversation he had with Nick just one day before he died.

Andrew recalls that he and Nick were speaking in quotes from the famous author P.G. Wodehouse. Nick laughed and shared a quote with his father, “Has anybody ever seen a dramatic critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.” They hugged and said their goodbyes for the day. The next day, Nick passed away.



Andrew announced the news of Nick’s death via Twitter, saying, “I am shattered to have to announce that my beloved elder son Nick died a few hours ago in Basingstoke Hospital. His whole family is gathered together and we are all totally bereft.” Nick had been fighting gastric cancer for the last 18 months, and Andrew had announced his son’s grave condition to the public on March 19, just six days before Nick’s passing.

In his statement to Page Six, Andrew said, “As my friends and family know, he has been fighting gastric cancer for the last 18 months, and Nick is now hospitalized. We are all praying that Nick will turn the corner. He is a fighter. He has an indomitable spirit and a wonderful sense of humor.”



Nick had been following in his father’s footsteps, scoring the original cast recording of Cinderella in 2021, which earned him a Grammy nomination. In an effort to be judged on his own merit, Nick had dropped the Lloyd bit from his last name.

He had told The Telegraph in 2011, “I got some stuff on the radio, so I thought, ‘OK, I’m obviously not a complete idiot'. Then I thought, ‘Hang on, if other people are prepared to work with me without the surname, then maybe I should just get on with it.'”



The death of a child is the worst experience a parent can go through, and Andrew’s essay reflects the pain and grief he is feeling. He writes, “Nothing’s worse for a parent than the death of a child.” Andrew also speaks about the support he has received from his family, friends, and colleagues.

He says that his wife Madeleine has been his rock throughout this difficult time and that his siblings have also been a source of comfort. The Cats composer also thanks his colleagues in the theater industry, who have reached out to offer their condolences and support.

Image Source: Getty Images |  Photo by Nick Harvey
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Nick Harvey


Andrew Lloyd Webber is a celebrated composer known for his musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Bad Cinderella. He has won numerous awards, including an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. He is also a philanthropist and has been a vocal advocate for the arts.

In his essay, Andrew talks about his love for music and how it has been a source of comfort during this time. He says, “Music has been a salvation for me, as it has been for so many during the pandemic. But it is also the thing that has kept me going since Nick’s death.”

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