AI to 'Replace 80% of Jobs', Tech Guru Says People Can Do 'Better Things' Than Work

AI to 'Replace 80% of Jobs', Tech Guru Says People Can Do 'Better Things' Than Work
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What does the future of AI hold? Only time will tell! However, Ben Goertzel, the head of the research group SingularityNET said, "Pretty much every job involving paperwork" should be "automatable."

He also claims that humans can spend their days doing better things than working for a living. He said, "You could probably obsolete maybe 80% of jobs that people do." The tech chief's firm works on "artificial general intelligence" which has human cognitive abilities, and he says that these robots can be used in jobs such as nursing.



"In that case, you're not eliminating human jobs," he added, as per Daily Star. "Because basically, there's not enough people who want to do nursing and nursing assistant jobs." The American-Brazilian chief also adds that he never saw it as a threat and says, "I think it's a benefit."

The cognitive scientist believes in developing technology and also spoke against the halt of the development of AI machines. He says and believes that machines are not capable enough to attain human-level general intelligence because they cannot perform complex multi-stage reasoning as humans do.

Getty Images | Handout
Image Source: Getty Images | Handout


"If we want machines to be as smart as people and to be as agile in dealing with the unknown, then they need to be able to take big leaps beyond their training and programming." He talked against halting AI development after many tech leaders, including Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking, agreed and signed an open letter asking for a six-month pause on AI development. Their reasoning is that companies are undertaking a very dangerous race by advancing technology so quickly. It also poses a threat to society and humanity.



A major speculation started when the 'godfather' of AI, Geoffrey Hinton, quit his job at Google and said that he regrets his life's work. He said that he feared that this technology could prompt major misinformation and also replace human resources in a deadly way. The tech genius said that "if I didn't build it, someone else would have" to prevent himself from being overwhelmed by guilt, as per Daily Mail. However, Mr. Goertzel disagrees with all the tech tycoons as he compared the whole technology with the internet. According to Daily Mail, Mr Goertzel said "Why haven't we banned the internet?"

"The internet does exactly this. It gives you way more information at your fingertips. And it spreads bulls**t and misinformation." The AI guru also believes that as long as the intention is pure and the steps are monitored, nothing can really stop us from benefiting from AI.

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