Cressida Bonas Brings Back The Scrunchie. Gasp!

Cressida Bonas is bringing back an old hair accessory, the scrunchie. Gasp!

The not-so-cool hair piece is one of Cressy’s, as her friends call her, favorite hair pieces and she has been seen wearing it on several occasions.

If you’re thinking that Prince Harry’s girlfriend is a second Kate Middleton, they you haven’t seen the several photos of the possible future royal published in British tabloids and making their rounds online.

Now to make it clear, Cressida Bonas is a very beautiful young woman and cleans up quite nicely when required, but she also likes to dress down in public, in contrast with Kate, who always looks impeccable.

Cressy seems to be more of a tomboy-ish type of girl and even though she hasn’t been caught in compromising situations while partying at the many clubs she visits regularly, she has been seen wearing the uncanny piece, to the horror of the more posh British females.

Cressida Bonas, much like Kate Middleton is poised to be a trend setter in all things fashion. But can the scrunchie truly make a comeback? That is the million dollar question.

The 24-year-old aristocrat is currently dating Prince Harry, who has stated that he wants to find a lady who can “take on” being married to a Prince. The rumors of a proposal are all over British tabloids and everyone expects the couple to get married within the year.

Whether she likes it or not, what she wears is being closely scrutinized and for better or worse the use of the scrunchie has been noticed by many.

When Kate Middleton wears a new outfit, websites crash because of women flocking to purchase whatever it is she is using at the time.

Can we expect the same from Cressida Bonas and the scrunchie. E! reports some of the hair pieces have sold for up to $90! But there are retailers such as American Apparel who offer them for a more reasonable $6. If you are interested.

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