September 24, 2013
Olivia Newton-John Holds Exorcism At Florida Home After Contractor Suicide

Olivia Newton-John hired a priest to perform an exorcism at her Florida home after a contractor committed suicide on the property last month.

Christopher Pariseletti was believed to have been having financial difficulties with his business and asked the 64-year-old Grease star for a loan to keep it from closing. He killed himself with a shotgun by the pool while the home was empty and was found by another contractor. Pariseletti was apparently seen crying earlier that morning.

The Australian actress issued a statement after Pariseletti's suicide.

"Olivia and her husband John are in shock over the tragic event that occurred at their Florida home yesterday," the statement said. "At this time we are awaiting additional information from investigators, but can confirm that the couple was not in Florida at the time and, the deceased was not a family member."

Newton-John was so shaken by the suicide that she called a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism. She was joined by husband John Easterling and a couple of friends. The priest recited prayers and distributed holy water around the home.

Olivia Newton-John put the home on the market in May. She and Easterling bought the home in 2009 for approximately $4.1 million and spent about $2 million on renovations. The four bedroom house was listed for $6.2 million, but Newton-John took $200,000 of the asking price after Pariseletti's suicide.

"Unfortunately there is a grim notoriety to the house and people are put off by that," a real estate agent toldThe Daily Express."Whoever buys the home will always know that someone blew their brains out in there. It is not the nicest housewarming present."

Rosie O'Donnell reportedly wanted to buy the home but withdrew her offer. O'Donnell recently sold her own Miami mansion for around $16.5 million in June.

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