PC Gamer announces greatest 100 PC games ever

I don’t give the PC enough coverage as I’d like on these pages, so let’s take a moment to reflect on awesome PC games, shall we? Or rather, let’s reflect on somebody else’s reflections on awesome PC games.

Esteemed UK magazine PC Gamer has just published its annual list of the best 100 PC games ever. Yeah, I’m as sick of lists as the next guy, but Deus Ex is top of this one, so I can let it go. Originally released in 2000, the stealthy shooter is rightly regarded as a classic, and just beat World of Warcraft to top spot. PC Gamer‘s top five:

1. Deus Ex (2000)
2. World of Warcraft (2004)
3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006)
4. Team Fortress 2 (2007)
5. Half-Life 2 (2004)

Which is fair enough, but you’ll have to buy the magazine to get the other 95. That said, if Transport Tycoon, Grim Fandango, and Portal aren’t there, there’s gonna be trouble. And by trouble, I definitely mean I shall be WRITING ANGRILY IN CAPS ON SOME UNSPECIFIED GAMING FORUMS.

[Via CVG]

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