Aaron Alexis Motive? Navy Yard Shooter Not A Muslim Terrorist, Suffered From PTSD

Aaron Alexis’ motive as the Navy Yard shooter is the center of attention now, with police trying to determine what made Aaron Alexis commit the crime.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some were suspicious the Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis could be a Muslim terrorist at first.

A leader of al Qaeda had recently promised to “bleed America economically” with “lone wolf attacks” that would cause government spending on security to increase dramatically. So when earlier reports claimed the Navy Yard shooter might be part of a team, many started speculating whether Aaron Alexis was a Muslim terrorist based upon the coincidental timing of the Navy Yard shooting. The rumors were so incoherent some were saying Aaron Alexis was a gay Muslim who was registered as a Democrat and supported Obama.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look upon it, Aaron Alexis’ motive for the Navy Yard shooting apparently did not involve terrorism fueled by Islamic extremism. Instead, Aaron Alexis’ Buddhist beliefs were very apparent in even how he dressed. Aaron Alexis wore a golden amulet of Buddha around his neck, taught himself to speak Thai, and even he even traveled to Asia after quitting the Navy.

Aaron Alexis was actually a 9/11 responder and from that experience he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Just a month before the Navy Yard shooting, Aaron Alexis had been hearing voices in his head and was being treated by the Veterans Administration for his mental problems.

Aaron Alexis’ father says he had “anger management problems.” For example, in 2004 Aaron Alexis felt “mocked” and “disrespected” by a construction worker so he fired three gun shots from a Glock 30 handgun into the worker’s parked car. In 2010 Aaron Alexis was once again involved in a gun-related incident when he fired a shot into the ceiling of his apartment. Aaron Alexis claims the gun discharge was accidental while the upstairs neighbor says it was deliberate, claiming Aaron Alexis had complained about the noise level from her apartment before.

So what is Aaron Alexis’ motive, exactly? No one knows for certain, but a friend from a Buddhist temple says he was “acting childish” over a salary dispute with government subcontractor The Experts working under HP. Aaron Alexis apparently believed the Navy had withheld benefits from him and felt discriminated against by the Navy.