Data Destroyer By Norazza [CES 2011]

Sometimes the little gems we find at CES don’t come from massively large booths such as LG or Panasonic, sometimes the most useful of technologies are the smaller players at the convention and this week I discovered a product by Norazza called Data Destroyer that’s useful and cool.

Pictured above is the Data Destroyer DD3300 and it is capable of destroying up to 15 disks per minutes, rendering useless both sides of the CD or DVD you pass through its system.

Since the software creates pockets that render the CD unreadable you don’t have to worry about cleaning up shards of discarded disks and it’s much more quite, making it the perfect office companion for stopping corporate identity theft while not disturbing your fellow co-workers.

The unit is just slightly bigger than many small pocket printers, which means taking the unit off site for projects is also a simple process.

You can find the units at

Big props go out to the rep who was manning the booth on Saturday morning, probably one of the nicest people I’ve met at CES shows to date.

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