Big Brother Update: Andy In Trouble As Final 3 Head Of Household Competition Starts

Big Brother is into its final competition, a three-part Head of Household contest that will decide which two houseguests will vie for votes on finale night.

But for Andy, who once ruled the game with his cunning and ability to play all sides, it might as well be two against one.


Going into the final Head of Household — a three-part competition in which the winners of part one and two face off on finale night — the remaining three of Andy, Spencer, and GinaMarie had been playing together for weeks. Their “Exterminators” alliance was responsible for each of the final four evictions, and throughout it all they were able to avoid having to vote out on another.

But now that they’re the only three contestants remaining, Andy’s once-strong place in the house is coming back to bite him. GinaMarie and Spencer have compared notes and made their tallies of how they believe the jury will vote, leading them to realize that neither of them can beat Andy.

Facing the prospect of losing to Andy, both GinaMarie and Spencer have committed to taking each other through should they win Head of Household.

So Andy’s only path to the Big Brother finale is to win, but he’s not off to a good start. In the first competition, in which the houseguests had to hang on as they were swung by ropes in the backyard, GinaMarie outlasted both remaining men to win.

Andy now must beat Spencer in the second part and then top GinaMarie in the third part, which has traditionally been some sort of trivia where they guess how the jury members answered questions about them.

It’s not an easy path to the Big Brother finale for Andy, but others have faced the same odds and won. He’ll just have to do it with his best weapon in the house — his clever conniving of the other houseguests.