Jenny McCarthy Makes First ‘The View’ Appearance, Haters Still Hating

Jenny McCarthy’s long-anticipated The View debut is finally upon us, right as the controversial former Playboy and MTV star has also invaded TV screens hawking Blu e-cigarettes.

As Jenny McCarthy joins The View, the reaction that initially followed her confirmation as a new permanent host has not seemed to abate at all.

McCarthy is a vocal opponent of vaccinations, and her presence on the show has given not only many health conscious Americans pause but has also caused some alarm among doctors — who worry her new influence will be harmful to vaccination rates.

Jenny herself said that nerves hadn’t kicked in ahead of her first appearance on The View, noting that usually she gets a bit more jittery:

“Holy crap… People keep asking me if I’m nervous. I have to be honest — not yet. Usually my nerves are more excitement-based, but I have a feeling I will be running into the bathroom at least a few times an hour before we go live on Monday.”

But she did also vaguely hint at a commitment not to push the vaccine issue — though her mere presence is enough to turn many haters off the show:

“My sole mission while co-hosting The View is to inspire, entertain and engage in conversations that matter to the viewers… I have no personal agenda other than to spiritually grow from the life experiences that come with this job.”

Reflecting a bit more on her patchy public popularity, McCarthy added:

“I’m blessed to have such amazing fans who have supported me for many years and stood by me when sh*t hit the fan. I am, and will be, eternally grateful.”

Watch above as Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd celebrate the new season… by twerking.

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