Billy Bob Thornton Believes ‘Bad Santa 2’ Probably Won’t Happen

Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t think Bad Santa 2 is going to happen anytime soon.

The crudely hilarious cult 2003 comedy might be your favorite holiday movie, but that doesn’t mean producers are currently busy cooking up a sequel. According to Thornton, there’s a very strong possibility that a follow-up may never reach the big screen.

Although the actor and the studio are definitely interested in putting Bad Santa 2 together, Billy Bob Thornton told Collider that it all comes down to “logistics.” The Baytown Outlaws star accepted some of the responsibility for getting fans excited about the sequel.

“I think our mistake, and certainly my mistake, was that when people heard about it on the internet or in interviews, they would ask me, ‘Are you guys doing Bad Santa?’ and I would say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re gonna do it this fall,'” the actor said.

He added, “It’s become an iconic movie, and the public wants to see a sequel. The fact of the matter is, we may be doing it. They are working on it. It could be the end of this coming year, or it could be next year, or never.”

Although the first Bad Santa wasn’t a box office phenomenon — the film made approximately $60 million during its domestic run — the comedy has developed a strong following on home video. This prompted Lionsgate and Miramax to strongly consider putting together a follow-up.

According to Digital Spy, Entourage creator Doug Ellin was previously tapped to pen the script for Bad Santa 2. Since there haven’t been many updates about the project in recent days, it’s currently unknown if he’s still attached.

While you’re waiting for the sequel to arrive, fans can check out the actor’s latest endeavor next month. Writer-director Peter Landesman’s Parkland should hit cinemas across the US on October 4.

Are you a Billy Bob Thornton fan? Do you think producers will ever move forward with Bad Santa 2?

[Image via Lionsgate / Miramax]

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