DMX Strips Naked, Runs Around Hotel Hallway

Perhaps DMX should start calling himself DMXXX after he decided to strip down naked and run laps around a hotel hallway.

The naked incident went down last weekend at a Detroit hotel. Apparently DMX decided to run around naked “just because he felt like it.”

The footage posted to TMZ starts with DMX walking around in just his boxer shorts, socks, and house arrest ankle bracelet.

After an employee finishes removing room service from one of the rooms on the floor DMX drops his boxers and begins running around the hallways. Eventually DMX grabs his boxers, puts them back on, and walks back to his room like nothing ever happened.

When asked why he decided to run around the hotel in a naked stupor DMX just said he “felt like” having a naked run. DMX adds, “I’m not ashamed of anything I got.”

We are not really sure if DMX saw the security cameras in the hotel, although based on his response it probably wouldn’t have mattered much.

Here’s the captured video of DMX running naked through the Detroit hotels hallway:

We have to admit that DMX is really good at alluding the hotel employee. Either the room service worker didn’t notice the naked DMX or she chose to ignore his childish antics.

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