Chris Osgood nets 400th career victory

It could not have come against a better opponent. Last night Detroit Red Wings Goalie Chris Osgood netted his 400th career victory as a net minder in the NHL. He is just the 10th man to accomplish that feat, and he notched his 400th win against the Colorado Avalanche, the most hated rival of Detroit in recent sports memory. Osgood has been around for a long time, and he finally has one of those magical numbers that will get him enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame once his playing days are done.

Chris has been a Red Wing on two different occasions in his career, and he has helped that team win three Stanley Cup Championships. However, being the goalie for the Red Wings is the worst job in the state of Michigan past being Mayor of Detroit or ya know the Governor of a bankrupt state. The only job in sports that compares to being the Red Wings goalie is being the Detroit Lions starting QB.

For whatever reason the sports fans of Detroit are always more in love with the backup QB, or Goalie than the starter. It is really weird, and much like the good fans who brought the I’m Sorry Vernon in a way to make up for the treatment of then starter Mike Vernon suffered it seems time for Red Wings fans to apologize to Chris Osgood.

Three rings, 400 wins and counting, with 316 of those wins coming wearing the winged wheel. The balance of those wins were with the New York Islanders and the St. Louis Blues. Osgood is one of those guys who made Detroit Hockey town and his number will one day be retired by this club. Red Wings fans in general have been awfully tough on Osgood in his career and he deserved better. Even though he did let in a lot of soft goals over the years.

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