Carrie Underwood Has Been ‘Waiting All Day’ For Sunday Night Football

Carrie Underwood is pretty excited for some reason.

The country star wrote on Twitter that she’s going to be “waiting all day for something.” Underwood didn’t say what that something was but there are only a few options. She’s either waiting to get her cast off (more on that later) or for her debut on Sunday Night Football.

I’m going to go with SNF. After all, the SNFtheme is called “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.”

The NFL season gets into full swing today and Carrie Underwood will be welcoming the crowd on Sunday Night Football.

The theme song for SNF has been sung by performers like Pink and Faith Hill but it will sound a little bit different tonight. Underwood said that she made an “intentional shift” in the sound to make the song her own.

Underwood said: “We all definitely wanted to make an intentional shift in the sound and the look and the feel of it… Because Faith put such a stamp on it. She made it her own. We wanted people to know it was someone else; it was me — my music, my sound, my voice, my look.”

In addition to Underwood, several NFL stars will be seen during the opening song. The Chicago Tribune reports that Peyton and Eli Manning, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, and several other players will take part in the opening song for Sunday Night Football.

Are you excited for SNF?

Oh, about that “get her cast off” thing. Underwood fell on stage earlier this week during a concert in Texas. The embarrassing moment ended with a couple of jokes and the singer’s foot in a cast.

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