‘Godus’ Creator Peter Molyneux Opens Up On The Future Of God Games

Godus creator Peter Molyneux recently opened up on the future of god games.

In case you don’t know who Peter Molyneux is, a while back he made a video announcing the prize for finishing the online experiment Curiosity, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Bryan Henderson, the gamer who completed the experiment, was given complete control over the next project, the latest game known as Godus. Peter Molyneux was also the head behind Fable, one of the first of the god games.

Peter Molyneux said that Godus is similar to 1989’s Populous, in which the myriad of levels can only be cleared by gaining enough followers using divine influence to overwhelm the opponent. He felt the genre of the god game was dying off, as online titles like Farmville and other Zynga games were being called god games, and that felt like an insult to his original idea. It affected him so much that he left Microsoft to do his own thing, as also reported by The Inquisitr.

Godus creator Peter Molyneux stated that it’s difficult to find a balance between the Kickstarter backers’ emotional attachment to the original game and something fresh and new:

“It is so tempting to re-do something, and to be honest with you, there is enormous pressure in doing Kickstarter. Normally you can go away in your little ivory tower, and you can just f*** around for six months, and just faff around with tools and stuff. But with this, I think it was five days after we got our Kickstarter that the pledgers said ‘Where’s the update?'”

In the end, Godus creator Peter Molyneux says that even though development on the game has been quick, Godus is essentially a thousand times more than Populous was. Godus will be several interlocking online-enabled systems all in one, in which no one system dominates the rest.

Godus creator Peter Molyneux is expected to have the game available for Steam Early Access on September 13.

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