Lilo’s “Special” Relationship with Samantha Continues

Lesbian or not, Lindsay Lohan would be better off if she would just come clean and stop sending all these mixed messages.

Or, even better, just tell her mom to shut up and stop confusing us, especially after she ambiguously commented on Linds’ lesbian rumors with “If she’s happy, I’m happy. That’s all I’ll say.” I’m not sure exactly what Dina meant, but I do know that the “happy” speech is usually used when a parent is secretly having a meltdown. (Well, that’s what it meant in my house, anyway).

What makes things even tricker is Lindsay’s rep’s statement after she was offered a rumored $1 million to come out in OK! mag. After Lilo turned it down, her rep responded “They sent offers and we passed.”

So are they saying that Lindsay turned it down because she wasn’t getting paid enough, or because she’s not a lesbian? The vagueness is killing me, especially now that we have more photos surfacing of Lindsay and Samantha looking extra close.

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