Apple Adding Cherokee Language To iOS

The Apple iOS already supports 50 different languages from around the world and now they have announced that the number of supported languages will soon increase to 51. The new language? Cherokee.

According to an AP report Cherokee Chief Chad Smith visited Apple and convinced students in the company’s immersion program to add the language to the world’s best selling Smartphone operating system.

The Cherokee tribe has been working closely with the team at Apple to create the new language support which will be featured on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Apple devices will be the first to support the Cherokee language, however a release time has not been announced at this time.

It should also be noted that only approximately 8,000 people speak Cherokee, with most of those individuals over 50 years old.

Can Apple help save rare languages from going dead? Probably not, but they sure can immortalize them in the modern world of technology.

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