Donovan McNabb wants out of Washington

The Washington Redskins are still a mess, and it looks like they no longer would like to have Donovan McNabb as their starting QB and it also looks like McNabb would like to pick the team he finishes his career with. He has asked for his release and it looks like the Redskins will decline that since they did spend a 2nd and a 4th round pick to get him. He still has trade value and that means the Redskins will likely decide where he winds up.

The team could release him, and as a contract option to do just that, but in all reality McNabb is a business asset and the team should not release him, even though that would be the right and ethical thing to do. McNabb should get to decide where he finishes his career, and he may get the chance to do so, but it will be on the Redskins terms and they will have to get something in return for him.

Complicating this matter was the contract extension McNabb and the team signed during the season. He has a 10 million dollar option bonus that a new team would likely have to pick up. Of course the good news in that is there are a number of teams out there that may be willing to pay that money and surrender a second round draft pick to secure Donovan for his final years in the league.

McNabb’s contract is worth 78 million dollars over the next five years, I could likely see the Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, or the Tennessee Titans willing to pay that out and give up something to the Redskins to get a deal done.

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