Ryan Seacrest Booed At NFL Opener [Video]

Ryan Seacrest didn’t receive all that warm of a welcome from football fans at the kickoff of the the NFL season Thursday night.

While Ryan Seacrest was excited to be on hand as football season started up, the American Idol host and Dick Clark successor may have been the only one.

The Atlantic reports that the “cheery little cheese-elf was tasked by NBC to go to Denver to kick off the NFL season, doing a little pre-game spiel that would whip up excitement for the return of America’s favorite thing,” adding that Seacrest was met with a cacophony of jeers as he tried to do his announcing and introducing thing.

Seacrest began, saying:

“I only know of one other countdown that might be as big as this one. America is ready for 17 weeks of excitement, followed by the drama of the playoffs, all culminating in New York at the Super Bowl.”

It wasn’t just rowdy football fans dismayed to be confronted with Ryan Seacrest of all people at the NFL’s kickoff game.

The Los Angeles Times digital managing editor Jimmy Orr was among those tweeting in disapproval at the sight of Seacrest, who it is probably safe to say is a culture mismatch for the NFL and its fans.

Orr sniffed:

Seacrest is either immune to or deliberately ignoring the Twit-icism, however, as he himself twote:

Apparently you, Ryan Seacrest, apparently the misfit was you. Watch above.

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