Katy Perry Debuts ‘Prism’ Artwork On ‘Good Morning America’ [Photo]

Katy Perry gave her fans a taste of the Prism artwork during her recent appearance on Good Morning America.

Although the “Roar” singer claimed she doesn’t generally get up early enough for GMA, she made an exception to this rule. Perry gave the morning show and viewers at home a chance to see the artwork for her upcoming collection of tunes.

Katy Perry also teased a pretty “big surprise” during her appearance on Good Morning America. Although fans were probably hoping for a new single, movie, or something they could spend money on, the singer later revealed that she’s teaming up with GMA for a new contest.

If you’re a high school student and fancy yourself a singer, then you might convince Perry to stop by your school for a free performance. All you have to do is record yourself performing her hit single “Roar.” The best rendition will be declared the winner.

The week has been busy for the singer. Not only did she give a glimpse of her Prism artwork, she also unveiled the music video for her hit song “Roar.” You can find the clip below.

Perry recently told the folks at MTV News that she penned the tune after a particularly difficult period in her life. She said that sometimes people can be their own worst enemy.

“I started the record in November, but things were really flowing by the spring and it’s a song about standing up for yourself. Who can be the biggest bully in the equation is yourself and can get in your way and it’s a song about speaking up for yourself and having the strength,” she explained.

The artwork for the new album is included below.

Here’s the new music video for “Roar.”

What do you think about the artwork for Katy Perry’s new album Prism?

[Image via Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com]

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