‘TimeSplitters Rewind’ Possibly PS4 Exclusive

TimeSplitters Rewind will probably end up being a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

One video game franchise some of us sorely missed since the release of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was TimeSplitters. The last game we saw of the series gave its last hurrah on the original Xbox and the series hasn’t been back since. TimeSplitters gave us a FPS scenario that poked fun at other games and movies along the way. Even if the story was a little weird with all of its time jumps, there were situations that made us chuckle.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, so to speak, Crytek has announced TimeSplitters Rewind as a multiplayer game featuring levels, characters, and weapons from the previous games. Even the single-player games will all be included, so fans of the classic games won’t need to relearn much beyond possibly enhanced controls. We can just jump right in and replay our favorite moments all over again.

It can be said that with TimeSplitters Rewind, Crytek is applying the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

However, due to the multiplayer issues involved with the game, TimeSplitters Rewind will be unlikely to see the light of day on Xbox One. Microsoft is reluctant to allow cross-platform multiplayer, and as such will probably not be getting the classic FPS spoof collection on their next-gen console.

It looks like if yesterday’s news that the Xbox One‘s original policies are returning (right here on The Inquisitr) isn’t enough to convince you to buy the PlayStation 4, the new TimeSplitters game may just be the last straw.

Project manager Michael Hubricka explained about the possibility of TimeSplitters Rewind skipping the Xbox One:

“If Microsoft will get in touch with me about how the distribution for indie developers works and it’s something we can do, sure. But we’d really want to push for cross-platform play. It would be nice, but I highly doubt it. If Microsoft won’t let AAA developers do it (for the most part) then I doubt they’ll let us do it.”

It looks like TimeSplitters Rewind may just end up being a PS4 exclusive.

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