T-Mobile To Announce ‘HSPA+42’ Details At CES 2011

It’s being reported that T-Mobile will roll out details about their newer, faster HSPA+ network in just several short weeks at CES 2011.

T-Mobile has already released plans for their HSPA+42 network, however it’s believed that they will finally announce a time-frame for the networks roll out, along with a list of currently supported and future supported devices.

The +42 name comes from the company’s claim that they can reach up to 42 megabits per second (theoretically) with their technology. If that claim is met, the new network would be 2x faster than the current HSPA+ offering T-Mobile currently operates.

The move would also allow T-Mobile to clearly label their new network as 4G as they have lampooned other carriers for calling their inferior HSPA+ networks 4G, a label T-Mobile says is simply not true.

With a slew of new Smartphones and Tablets arriving at T-Mobile in 2011, I would expect big strides to be taken within their mobile network in 2011.

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