Princess Diana Was ‘Really Spiteful’ According To Lady Pamela Hicks

This is something we haven’t heard often. Princess Diana being called bad names by a royal family member. Lady Pamela Hicks is calling the late Princess of Wales “really spiteful”.

Sixteen years after the tragic events in Paris, which ended Diana’s life, some in the royal family don’t seem to mind saying not so kind things about the “People’s Princess”.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Lady Pamela Hicks, a first cousin to Prince Phillip, Prince Charles’ father, and a member of Queen Elizabeth’s bridal party, says that Diana was not a very kind woman.

“She had enormous charisma, she was beautiful, she was very good at empathy with the general crowd…and she had no feeling at all for her husband or his family,” Pamela says of Diana. “Quite the reverse!” Ouch.

From Lady Pamela’s point of view, Diana was “really spiteful” and “really unkind” to her husband of 15 years.

The 84-year-old royal argues that Princess Diana didn’t offer support and encouragement to Charles. The future King married his long time love, Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005 after years of friendship.

Pamela claims that the marriage “destroyed” Charles and he used to look “grey and ghost-like” during his marriage to Diana. But says that now he looks well, he’s happy with his wife.

The royal claims that Diana reveled in public pity,

“She made everybody believe she’d been thrown to the wolves. Such nonsense! She was given the Queen’s favorite lady-in-waiting, Sue Hussey, to help her, to teach her. But she didn’t want to be told anything. ‘That’s boring, Sue,’ she’d say. Instead, she wanted to listen to her music and go disco-ing or to some jive concert,” she tells Vanity Fair. “She didn’t try. She had no need to try because she saw the people admired her, then they admired her more. She reckoned she was the star.”

So apparently, according to Lady Pamela, Princess Diana had no reason to be unhappy in her station because of the lady-in-waiting. Really?

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