Tyler Perry And Patrick Fugit Sign On For David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’

There hasn’t been a book adaptation that’s as anticipated as the one that David Fincher’s cooking up with Gone Girl. His Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film aside, this is the project that has everyone talking. Mixing Gillian Flynn’s best-selling novel with a cast that includes Ben Affleck, and Rosamund Pike, calls for a highly anticipated film.

Now it’s being reported that filmmaker and business mogul Tyler Perry will be joining the cast as the slick, high profiled lawyer to Ben Affleck’s Nick. Nick decides to hire the attorney out of New York when it’s becoming more apparent that he has to defend his innocence when his wife Amy goes missing on their anniversary. Perry rarely goes out of his own wheelhouse when it comes to acting. In fact, the last film that saw Perry act in a project that wasn’t his own was last year’s disastrous Alex Cross, so hopefully he tones it down to fit into Fincher’s vision.

Rounding out the cast is Patrick Fugit, Kim Dickens and Carrie Coon. Coon will play Nick’s sassy twin sister who is desperately trying to prove her brother is innocence. Fugit and Dickens are said to be the two detectives that are investigating the high profiled case. In addition, probably the best casting choice yet is Neil Patrick Harris, as Desi, the primped, proper and mildly obsessed ex-boyfriend of Amy, who also becomes a suspect on Nick’s own investigation in the disappearance of his wife.

The mystery has been adapted by the novel’s author Gillian Flynn, which is a good sign for fans of the novel, as it is less likely to stray from the book. Then again there’s always a chance that the studio may want an ending that has a bit more closure for the characters, seeing as that was one of the complaints from readers who gobbled the book up.

In addition to the already announced characters, there’s still a few left to be cast, including the cheery, bubbly, Barbie-doll esque mistress that Nick has a relationship with, Nick’s crazy father, and a talking head that reports on the case.

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