2010 Arizona Diamondbacks season in review

With a 65-97 record the Arizona Diamondbacks finished last in the National League West. This is a bad team and they went 31-48 for manger AJ Hinch and just 34-49 once Kirk Gibson took over. The manger is not the problem; it is simply the talent level of this club. They went just 27-45 in their own division, and had a 6-9 record in interleague play. August was their best month when they went 16-13 so many Gibson had some effect, but this is still a team that needs to over turn their roster.

The offense was actually ok. They did score 713 runs on 1,366 hits. That of course puts them in the bottom half stats wise of the 16 NL teams. They did hit 180 home runs and that was third best in the NL. However their team batting average was just .250 tied for 11th, and they did strike out 1,529 times easily the most in the NL. They also only drew 589 walks the second fewest on the senior circuit.

Once again we see a team with a bad pitching staff. The staff ERA was 4.81 second worst in the NL, and they gave up 1,503 hits. They only struck out 1,070 batters and issued 548 walks. Not one of their starting pitchers finished with a winning record, and none had double digit victories. They also had the second lowest IP of any staff in the NL.

So far in the off season the D-Backs have added some pieces that should make them better. That is the key, they may have the right guy as their manger but they need to find new and better talent.

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