2010 Colorado Rockies season in review

With an 83-79 record the Colorado Rockies finished third in the National League West. They did just ok in their own division going 37-35 overall. They had a 9-6 record in interleague play. They were 49-39 in the first half, and just 34-40 in the second. That seems to suggest this team did not play as well in the second half and that is why they failed to reach the playoffs. I think the telling number here is a 31-50 record on the road, which is kind of weird since they play in the thin air that allows balls to travel a lot farther.

The offense for the Rockies was pretty good, and that was to be expected as they play 81 games in the thin air of Coors Field. They scored the third most runs in the NL with 770. They also hit the third most home runs with 173. They had the fourth most hits at 1,452, and their team batting average was tied for second of the 16 NL teams at .263. Rockies’ hitters struck out 1,274 the third most, and that is the first hint at why this team finished in third place.

The numbers of the pitching staff appear to be right around average. Even though they have a big disadvantage playing 81 games at Coors Field. The staff ERA was 4.14 and that was the fifth highest in the NL. The rest of the staff numbers have them right in the meat of the NL average. This is where we see the chinks in the armor. Only two of their regular five starters had double digit wins, and those same two were the only ones to finish with a winning record.

So far this off season the Rockies have spent 40 million dollars in new payroll but have not really improved the team all that much. Maybe they had a down year and they feel they can compete; their first half numbers seem to suggest that is a possibility.

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