Disney pushing High School Musical 3 for Best Picture Oscar

It’s the start of the annual awards season in Hollywood, with smaller awards leading up to the Academy Awards in February. Part of this process is the nomination of films in each category, and advertising across trade publications to support the nominations.

As usual there’s a wide variety of films being pushed, some you’d expect, and some that don’t stand a chance in hell (like Burn After Reading), but there’s one standout this year in the you’ve got to be joking category: High School Musical 3.

Disney has published the following image in trade magazines, and it’s also listed on their Studio Awards site here. But why stop at best picture? On the web site Disney adds to High School Musical 3 “For your consideration, all categories including Best Picture.” Some nominations from the list: Best Director Original Screen Play, Best Actor (Zac Efron), Best Actress (Vanessa Hudgens), Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and there’s even more.

I don’t need to express how little chance High School Musical 3 has of winning best picture, but credit to Disney, they’re game to even try.

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