Bank of America prepares for Wikileaks backlash by snapping up “You Suck” domains

Wikileaks has been taking a lot of crap following it’s recent data dump of US diplomatic cables. From having it’s domain yanked to having it’s money supply chain cut off. Most recently Bank of America has indicated that it plans of cutting off any transfers of any kinds that are indicated to be for Wikileaks.

In the lead up to this it appears that Bank of America is going on a domain buying spree snapping up any domains that relate to how the company or company executive suck or blow. From Domain Name Wire:

For example, the company registered a number of domains for CEO Brian Moynihan:,,, and Just to be sure, it also picked up the .net version of these names and some .orgs as well.

I count hundreds of such domain name registrations on December 17 alone. They were registered through an intermediary that frequently registers domain names on behalf of large companies.

Some of the other names are for CFO Charles Noski, Chairman of the Board Charles Holliday, and board member Charles Rossotti (who is also Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group).

What is perhaps even more interesting is that in the follow up to the whole Cablegate data dump even military men like Secretary of Defense downplayed the whole leak. Yet prior to a reported upcoming dump about the banking system Wikileaks is facing its most intense attach by the very companies that they supposedly will be releasing a whole bunch of secrets about.

According to a report from Fox Business Bank of America has setup a “war room” to combat this next round of bank related leaks. Looks like they could be far more interesting than a bunch of infighting from backstabbing diplomats.

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