Simon Pegg Prank Leaves ‘Star Trek’ Cast Terrified Of Neutron Damage [Video]

Simon Pegg’s prank is worth the price of the Star Trek Into Darkness DVD, regardless of how you felt about the movie. Then again, you could just watch it up top.

You may not have known this, but when actors are working on the set of a science fiction film, bodily damage from lasers and ions is a serious concern. To ameliorate this, actors often wear “neutron cream” on their noses, cheeks, chin and both wrists.

It also helps to jump up and down and shake your hands once in a while. You know, because of ions.

That’s the Simon Pegg prank in a nutshell. The video above shows Star Trek Into Darkness co-stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto falling for the gag first, and then getting in on the fun. Zoe Saldana jumps up and down and shakes her hands without question, nearly ruining a take with Pegg when she figures out the truth.

Benedict Cumberbatch signs a waiver, and is asked to actually read it for the cameras later. He does so with his commanding English baritone, and then breaks his stiff upper lip into a wide grin when he realizes he’s been pranked.

John Cho and Karl Urban are the last to fall for the gag, even going so far as to shoot a PSA with “neutron cream” applied to their faces. Why they didn’t question what they were doing at the time is unknown, but the result made for great comedy.

You can watch Simon Pegg’s prank above, and let us know what you think!

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