“Bromance” Is On. . . Be Still My Heart

Just when you thought “It’s Complicated” was the most vile thing that Ryan Seacrest could possibly produce, I think we have a new contender for the title of “Biggest Piece of Sh*t Unscripted Show” ever.

Brody Jenner, The Hills occasional co-star slash drop-in, has signed on for six initial episodes of Bromance, in which potential members of Jenner’s entourage compete in areas like paparazzi navigation and skydiving. These definitely sound like the qualities of a real friend to me, too. Especially if this new friend, like Brody’s pal Frankie Delgado, is into filming inappropriate videos of his two underage sisters (!).

Bromance also means that Paris Hilton was actually more original than somebody for once, since her BFF show was announced way back in February. Golf claps to Paris, boo to Bromance!

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