‘Machete Kills’ TV Spot Slices Its Way Home [Video]

The Machete Kills TV spot cuts right to the point.

The movie that turned Danny Trejo into a blade-wielding badass is about to get a sequel. Where the first film starred a surprising collection of some of the otherwise worst actors we’ve seen, it was just violent and action-packed enough that the casting didn’t matter. Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal couldn’t bring that movie down.

Now there are more renowned actors involved, including some surprises like Lady Gaga and Sofia Vergara, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Mel Gibson plays a terrorist opposite the US president played by Charlie Sheen, who for the film is going by his birth name Carlos Estevez. The sequel to Machete looks like it will be just as violent and fun as the first one.

The Machete Kills TV spot begins with Carlos Estevez telling Danny Trejo, “Machete, a madman has a missile aimed at Washington. Go kick some ass.”

During this small speech, we see Mel Gibson posing as said madman, and then Danny Trejo takes a drink from a shot glass. Black and white lettering on a red background says, “Unstoppable,” before a man throws a knife at Machete and ends up getting it thrown back at him as Machete’s escort laughs.

The lettering and the announcer then say, “Unstable,” before the President is seen on the phone next to Machete looking downright annoyed. He’s telling him, “I didn’t recruit your for your sense of compassion!” Then we see a harpoon of sorts getting fired into the side of a helicopter before Machete seems to throw a man into the flying vehicle from a boat. The helicopter then explodes.

The lettering then says, “Unpredictable,” before a woman with machine guns on her bra opens her coat and starts firing at Machete. He connects some medical jumpers to her bra, sending her flying backwards. We then see a group of men firing from a dock before a boat flips forward, directly into the gun men.

The Machete Kills TV spot should convince you that Danny Trejo is far from done.

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