Teen Gives God And Science Credit For Cured Cancer

Colorado teen Peter Srsich mostly credits science for curing his cancer, but believes that God played an important role in his road to recovery, as well.

When he was just 17, he went through seven intense rounds of chemo and 21 days of radiation for his non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Srsich has long been a devout Roman Catholic, but his faith started to wane as his treatment went on.

“I was on the pain killer Dilaudid and was diagnosed with depression at the time,” he said. “Things had kind of started to pile up, and I started questioning, why would this happen?”

But one day, his friend brought the Eucharist to his hospital room. He said that he felt an encouraging presence, and believes that it was God.

At 19, he is now in remission and has since taken up athletics again at Regis University (a Jesuit college in Denver) where he is studying to be a priest. During his treatment, he actually had the opportunity to meet Pope Benedict before he retired. He was blessed last May, with one Catholic blog crediting the event for curing Srsich’s cancer.

He found that funny. He credits his doctors with the physical recovery, but he also believes that God played a huge role in his emotional and spiritual condition. He said that he believes in both science and God.

“I credit all the years of medical research and the training of all the doctors going to school — all that definitely cured me,” he said. “But God was behind it, helping me go through the treatment. Medical science is phenomenal. It would have been a death sentence 30 years ago, but in less than a year, I am back on my feet,” he said.

Do you think it’s possible to believe in both science and God?

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