True Blood Canceled, Fans Speculate On Season 7 Spoilers

So True Blood has been canceled in its seventh season, meaning the next ten episodes will end Sookie Stackhouse’s TV run.

True Blood season seven and book spoilers abound in this post… so steer clear if you’re not willing to have story lines spoiled for S7 plot twists.

We mean it! Turn back now!

As True Blood‘s cancellation is announced, we cannot help but wonder if the events of Charlaine Harris’ latest installment in the series of books known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries have anything to do with the mid-series adaptation decision.

Fans of the book and the show have been fairly clear on what outcomes they’d prefer for Sookie and her many suitors — and while the show went far off script from the books, the massive differential will have to be addressed in some major way.

True Blood was canceled in the seventh season, but so far, seasons have tended to loosely follow the books’ events overall. But as Sookie’s TV story ends, we have to assume much of what happened in the later books will be totally disregarded in the show’s final season, S7.

Stop reading if you don’t want to know how the books end!

Many fans (me included) either objected to or outright refused to read the final installment, in which (spoiler alert!) Sookie and Eric part ways for good — despite a several books long lead up painting the pair as an inevitable happy ever after.

Total bait and switch. Not one moment of romance between Sookie and anyone after Bill but Eric, a whole series dedicated to their epic vampire fairy love. Few Stackhouse fans weren’t incensed and feeling totally tricked by the way the series concluded, especially given the last minute write in of a dark horse candidate we all thought was totally lame and boring.

Book 4, a fan favorite (titled Dead To The World) was fairly well adapted to illustrate what was, to romance fans, clear foreshadowing that Sookie and Eric were meant to be together, a love that endures centuries of conditioning and Eric’s cold manner to triumph overall.

Even when Eric regained his memory, his love for Sookie remained… and they “married” under a flimsy pretense to spare Sookie from unpleasant vamp forces. But several books later, when Sookie receives her grandmother’s Cluviel Dor, a rare and powerful fairy relic, she inexplicably uses it to save Sam and not save Eric from marital slavery to another.

Eric, who risked the true death simply to stand by Sookie’s side when she held a bomb she’d unwittingly picked up. Eric, who spent years plotting with Niall to keep her safe, while Bill was coldly waiting for her to get old enough to seduce.

Eric, who killed his freaking maker to protect her. Eric, who ran straight to Sookie when he had no idea who he was or what he was running from. We could totally go on, but we don’t remember anyone else saving Sookie’s accident prone fairy derrière when trouble always came knocking.

Except for Eric. Who, incidentally, paved her driveway for the hell of it because she was too poor and too proud to ask.

Seriously, Sookie and Eric were totally meant to be.

Apparently, Sookie and Sam ride off into the sunset, despite more than a dozen books of zero chemistry. Fans were turned off to the strange detour, given that romance novels generally follow a pretty steady formula.

So we can’t help but wonder as True Blood S7 is revealed to be the end of the line for the show instead of the books, and we’re just going to come out and say it. Is HBO going to give fans the happy ever after Sookie and Eric ending Harris denied us? Because if not, I am totally canceling my subscription.

How do you think True Blood‘s cancellation will be handled by the show’s writers? Do you think Sookie and Eric will get together for good, or will Sam get the girl on TV, too?

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