Disgruntled British Airways Twitter User Buys Promoted Tweets To Publicize Bad Experience

A disgruntled British Airways Twitter user took to the service to moan about his less than stellar travel experience — but unlike most of us tweeting into the wind, the person tweeted through “promoted” tweets, paying money to ensure high visibility.

User @HVSVN, or Twitter user Hasan Syed as he’s known in real life, had it up to here with British Airways when they lost his dad’s luggage and seemed disinterested in resolving the situation.

When it comes to airline customer service, we’re all pretty used to insincere apologies and the whole thing of needing planes to get across oceans, so Syed probably didn’t expect much in the way of making it right.

Instead, @HVSVN took matters into his own hands by purchasing promoted tweets guaranteed to shame British Airways following the frustrating experience.

Normally, bad customer service can and very well may go viral on its own, but Syed took the unusual step of paying for the tweets — to which the airline didn’t immediately respond. The Twitter user confirmed that both New York and UK markets were targeted in his Twitter offensive, as he told fellow travelers that the airline was not wholly responsive after they lost his father’s luggage.

Syed tweeted the following during the beginning of his Twitter assault on British Airways, telling followers:

Of course, a hashtag was born:

Late last night, Syed’s problem still hadn’t been resolved, as he added:

Finally, the company responded publicly — and quite poorly in proportion to the campaign’s visibility. Telling Syed that their customer service was only open from 9-5 on weekdays irritated the man further, and he replied:

British Airways then told Syed they were unable to DM him, and he shot back:

While no resolution has yet been confirmed, Syed did say he’d tell us a bit more about the effects of the British Airways tweet and its cost:

While @HVSVN’s tweets are visible, they do not seem to show on British Airways’ Twitter replies list.

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