Zac Efron Causes Trouble For Seth Rogen In ‘Neighbors’ [Video]

Zac Efron plays a college frat guy who causes nothing but trouble for Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne in the upcoming comedy Neighbors.

Previously known as Townies, Forgetting Sarah Marshall director Nicholas Stoller’s next cinematic endeavors tells the story of a young couple (Rogen and Byrne) who discover that a rowdy college fraternity has moved in next door.

Joining Zac Efron as the frat guys in Neighbors are a number of notable talents. Dave Franco and Kick-Ass 2 villain Christopher Mintz-Plasse co-star in the upcoming comedy. Jake Johnson, Lisa Kudrow, and Halston Sage will appear in the flick as well.

Although the movie isn’t slated to arrive until next summer, apparently the folks at Universal Pictures are ready to get the marketing machine in motion. In order to get everyone talking, a red band trailer recently hit the internet.

Fans of the quirky 1981 Dan Akyroyd and Jim Belushi comedy Neighbors will probably notice a few similarities. Despite the identical titles, Stoller’s flick isn’t a remake of John G. Avildsen’s incredibly kooky movie.

Zac Efron told MTV News earlier this year that he was drawn to the project because of Seth Rogen. The High School Musical graduate said Neighbors also gave him a chance to try his hand at a specific type of comedy.

“I really admire Seth. I think that he is one of my favorite comedic actors of our generation. There really hasn’t been a role that I’ve seen in him that I haven’t enjoyed,” he said.

The actor added, “It’s nice to step inside these guys’ world of comedy and be with Seth in it. He’s a great partner in crime. We’re having a good time. It’s a bit of a dream come true for me.”

The NSFW trailer is embedded below. Viewer discretion is recommended.

Zac Efron fanatics will have a chance to check out Neighbors when it lands in cinemas across the country on May 9, 2014. Do you plan to catch the flick on the big screen?

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