Tim Tebow Patriots Comeback Could Happen, Belichick Says

Could it be Tebow Time again for the New England Patriots?

Tim Tebow could possibly make a comeback with Patriots this season because the organization has a history of re-signing players that it has cut. That was the assessment of head coach Bill Belichick today about the former third-string quarterback.

Fan favorite Tim Tebow was released on Saturday after not making the Pats’ 53-man roster. Tebow went just 11 for 30 during the NFL pre-season. He recorded 145 passing yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, 91 yards rushing, and was sacked four times for negative 48 yards.

Tebow cleared waivers, and he is now a free agent, with the ability to sign with any team.

The beyond-terse Belichick did not rule out the possibility of bringing Tebow back, however. “I don’t know what’s going to happen during the year, but certainly we’ve had a lot of players who’ve left here and come back here. That’s already happened multiple times this year.”

Belichick’s standard, all-purpose mantra in press conferences is that the coaching staff does what’s best for the team. Going with just two quarterbacks (star Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallett) is what the team has traditionally done and “was the best thing for our team,” he said.

Injuries, which are of course common in the NFL, could change the dynamic.

Tim Tebow, the 2007 Heisman trophy winner at the University of Florida, was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2010. After two seasons there (which included a famous playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers), Tebow was picked up by the New York Jets, where he unfairly rotted on the bench. Overall, Tim Tebow has 29 touchdowns (17 passing and 12 rushing) and 15 turnovers in three pro seasons. Tim Tebow’s career with the Jets was dismal, finishing the season with just eight passing attempts for 39 yards and zero touchdowns.

NESN claims the Patriots’ release of Tebow could be a “blessing,” so to speak, in disguise:

“… Of all NFL coaches, Belichick is the most likely to squirrel Tebow away for when that stray roster spot pops open… But once the year starts rolling, and New England has a better idea of who is fitting where, it wouldn’t be surprising if Belichick sneaks Tebow back in for some more work. In fact, Tebow would probably be on the practice squad right now if it weren’t for his ineligibility due to the number of years he’s played in the NFL. Belichick has showed interest in developing Tebow, but by leaving him off the opening roster, he has done him one better than he would have by keeping him. He’s cleared away the impediment of Tebow hogging a roster spot on a very young team that is still shaking out its position groupings, and he’s taken away the distraction of Tebow holding a clipboard and getting camera attention when there’s no chance he’ll play this year.”

Do you think Tim Tebow has a future with the Patriots or in the NFL generally?

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