‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Sees Three Pre-Order Bonuses In UK

Batman: Arkham Origins will see three pre-order bonuses in the UK.

As several new games approach release, we see more and more pre-order deals arise. Recent deals involved Saints Row IV, and more recently, Grand Theft Auto V, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Pre-order bonuses usually include extra content that gamers wouldn’t get otherwise, and the latest in the Arkham series is no different.

In case you’re not familiar with what makes this installment of the Arkham series different, Batman: Arkham Origins is the first one to offer a somewhat uneven multiplayer mode where villains wander Gotham City in the open and the heroes stick to the shadows and take them out with stealth. The Black Mask has placed a bounty on Batman’s head in the single player mode, which brings out the worst of the worst of the criminal element for the first time in the series’ timeline.

The pre-order bonus you get from Batman: Arkham Origins in the UK will depend on where you place your pre-order. Tesco, GameStop, and GAME all offer different deals if you order your copy ahead of time.

Tesco’s Batman: Arkham Origins pre-order bonus is the most game content heavy, as it offers two bonus Black Mask challenge maps, literally adding extra replay value in the long run.

The pre-order bonuses from GameStop include a set of varied skins for the caped crusader, so you can scope out the depths of Gotham’s criminal ways in your favorite iteration. One appears to be the classic suit with the glove accouterments for flare, while another appears to literally give you a suit of armor with shoulder shields and heavy wrist guards. There appear to be four variations in all.

GAME is offering a classic Robin skin as well as vanity packs for Bane and the Joker, probably for the teams in multiplayer mode.

Any way you play it, Batman: Arkham Origins pre-order bonuses will give you three options in the UK.

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