‘Total War: Rome 2’ Launch Trailer Witnesses The Death Of Ceasar [Video]

The Total War: Rome 2 launch trailer has hit.

The turn-based strategy game based on the era of Ceasar is almost here. Where the previous game focused on the politics of Rome, this one puts more emphasis on the depth involved with all of the cultures together. The campaign in Total War: Rome 2 begins in 272 BC and continues for 300 years, and then gives you the option to continue playing after that. Also unlike the previous game, there are no time limits to victory.

What Creative Assembly is aiming for this time is showing the human side of war, putting the camera right next to the soldier as he fights. You get to witness the battles firsthand, giving a sense of weight to the war.

The launch trailer for Total War: Rome 2 begins with a view approaching the temple. Pristine white stone is surrounded by tropical trees and red accents at the bottoms of pillars. Then we get a top-down view and we close in on the temple as a man says, “Rome needs no king!”

We hear the man fighting Ceasar with help from a few others as he continues, “This is the part you chose!”

The men are surrounding Ceasar as we start out from behind a torch in the Total War: Rome 2 launch trailer. After they are done with their part in his murder, we snap in close and witness him walk away, wounded and attempting to make it to the shrine of a golden eagle. He drops his scepter as weakness begins to hit him, and he falls to the floor, holding himself up on the dais.

We cut to a soldier on the battlefield grieving his fallen comrades as he falls to his knees in the midst of them.

The trailer continues to give glimpses of men in war interspersed with scenes of Ceasar’s death, and in the end it asks, “How far will you go for Rome?”

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