Google Gains Another Winning Month

Google’s got another strong month under its belt in terms of web traffic.

Media measuring company HitWise released its May data this morning. The researcher found Google took a full 68 percent of all U.S. searches in the month, followed by Yahoo at just under 20 percent, MSN at about six, and at four. Other smaller engines made up the remaining searches.

In the UK, Google’s lead is even stronger. HitWise measured Google getting more than 87 percent of all searches in May, leaving Yahoo and Microsoft-based searches with only about four each, and with just over three percent.

It’s an increasingly common trend for the search giants. Both ComScore and HitWise showed Google with a sizeable lead in April as well, though significantly less extreme than the May results show. That data also marked the first time Google had overtaken Yahoo in terms of overall traffic, not specific only to searches.

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