ShayCarl’s 3-Year-Old Son Adorably Mispronounces ‘Bow And Arrow,’ Video Goes Viral

ShayCarl is a YouTube star who features his family in daily vlogs, sharing details of just about everything they do. In a video that’s gone viral this week, that even includes his 3-year-old son’s hilarious mispronunciation of “bow and arrow.”

The video shows Shay, a 33-year-old father of four (with one more on the way) driving his family while he films them. As he drives he’s talking to his 3-year–old son, nicknamed RockTard, about a new toy bow and arrow. The only problem is that the boy jumbles up the words, so instead he ends up saying something that sounds like “boner.”

“What do you have,” ShayCarl asks, unable to stifle his laughter.

“A boner!” the 3-year-old boy says proudly.

The video quickly became popular. Within hours of being posted it topped 350,000 views, and found its way to other sites as well.

The attention is nothing new for the family. Shay has been vlogging for the past several years, and blew up in 2009 after winning “Best YouTube Channel or Personality” at Mashable’s 3rd annual Open Web Awards.

Today Shay (born Shay Carl Butler) has five YouTube channels and is the co-owner of Maker Studios, one of the largest creators of YouTube content. Shay is now also working with ApprenticA on a documentary called Vlogumentary, one that was financed with $200,000 raised through an Indiegogo campaign.

He’s even found a way to commercialize his content, creating sponsored videos in which he promotes brands in exchange for compensation. He’s worked out some of these “brand deals” with General Electric, Foot Locker, Kia, and Skype.

The video of ShayCarl’s 3-year-old son struggling to pronounce “bow and arrow” can be seen on his primary YouTube channel, along with the rest of the family’s adventures.

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