Kickstarter Technology Projects: Top 5 For August 2013

Kickstarter technology projects are quickly redefining the limits of what mankind is capable. Since the crowd-funding site rose in popularity, teams of inventors as well as individuals have been able to capitalize on the Internet community’s generosity and curiosity as to what will come next for this grand world in which we’re living. In that spirit, The Inquisitr now takes a look at the Top 5 Kickstarter technology projects for August. If you follow the site, or if you simply want to check out what’s brewing, please do so and share your picks in the comments section.

Appy Pie Game Builder

Project Goal: $10,000

Status: Achieved

Active Date: July 29 to August 28

This project from Abs Girdhar barely achieved funding at $10,177, but it is a relatively small operation with big goals. In three steps, the founders of Appy Pie want to enable people like me, who have no programming experience whatsoever, the opportunity to create games using HTML5 technology and upload them for monetization to Google Play, Apple’s iTunes Store, and the Windows Marketplace. You can use the preset games that are loaded into the program or upload your own materials for greater customization.

TripSaver: The Ultimate Travel Budgeting App

Project Goal: $8,000

Status: Achieved

Active Date: July 31 to August 30

Matt Kepnes, author of How to Travel the World on $50 A Day, blew his funding goal out of the water with an astounding $27,669 for his app that allows you to track your spending and shows you where to save so you can keep traveling for a longer period of time. The TripSaver app will also give you the ability to enter expenses, see pie and bar graphs of your spending (both daily and over time), monitor expenses based on a suggested budget for each destination, and set your travel style to backpacker, budget, mid-range, and luxury, automatically adjusting on what you choose.

Legion: The Battery Reinvented

Project Goal: $25,000

Status: Achieved

Active Date: July 25 to August 29

Legion walked away with $116,671 in Kickstarter technology funding for its portable energy source that carries a built-in LED display and microprocessor capable of charging any USB-powered device while dishing the deets on how much time (day, hours, and minutes) that the battery has left. It uses premium grade Lithium Polymer batteries designed to maximize energy density and it learns your uses so it will run on an energy-saving low-power mode whenever not in use.

Kossel Clear 3D Printer

Project Goal: $10,000

Status: Achieved

Active Date: July 30 to August 29

Kossel Clear blew its funding goal out of the water with $266,337 from the Kickstarter technology community. The hardware itself is an elegant delta printer that allows even beginners to make cool looking statue, toys, decorations, and pretty much anything with a third dimension to it. It’s easy to assemble, easy on the eyes, and good at what it does.

FitBark: World’s Tiniest Wireless Activity Tracker For Dogs

Project Goal: $35,000

Status: Achieved

Active Date: July 25 to August 26

FitBark scored $80,806 from Kickstarter technology backers for its ability to monitor your dog’s activity levels throughout the day, even when pet owners aren’t at home. The device looks like a small, colorful bone that attaches to the dog’s collar and communicates activity to the company’s cloud server, which is in turn analyzed for useful data and fed back to the dog owner’s mobile application. Now you can see how active your little buddy is throughout the day when you’re at work, and you can follow optimum health plans to make sure he lives longer and enjoys a better quality of life. You can also use the reports to communicate with your veterinarian to maximize healthcare. Even if you don’t want a FitBark, you should still watch this video, just to see the bulldog skateboarding.

Which of these Kickstarter technology projects did you think was the best?

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