‘Dumb And Dumber To’ Adds Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner has reportedly signed on for a role in the long-awaited sequel Dumb and Dumber To.

Fans of the classic 1994 comedy have been wondering for years if the follow-up would ever get off the ground. Although New Line Cinema put together a prequel not too long ago, the flick really didn’t capture the magic or the hilarity of the original.

Almost 20 years after Dumb and Dumber hit theaters, the sequel is finally coming together. Instead of landing at New Line Cinema, the project has since jumped to Universal Pictures. Stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels have already been confirmed for the follow-up.

According to Variety, the next person to join up is Romancing the Stone alum Kathleen Turner. Although the actress doesn’t do too many movies these days, she’s apparently ready and willing to give Dumb and Dumber To a shot.

Turner may have been confirmed for the project, but details about her role are few and far between at the moment. The folks at Cinema Blend theorize that she could play some sort of sexpot femme fatale that comes between Harry (Daniels) and Lloyd (Carrey). However, your guess is as good as everyone else’s at this stage in the game.

It’s currently unknown what direction the next installment of the series will take. Plot info is practically non-existent at the moment, so fans will have to use their imaginations for the time being. Filming on the project is expected to begin this September. Fingers crossed that it actually happens.

Jeff Daniels said earlier this year that the sequel will be just as stupid and “painfully funny” as the original. According to the News Room star, the characters really haven’t changed that much since the mid-90s.

“We’re middle-aged and still that stupid. Our IQ has not gone up one point combined. So it’s a frightening thing. You’re gonna see the two of us standing there trying to put thoughts together and you want to put underneath, ‘Kids don’t do this at home.’ It’s that stupid,” he explained.

Are you a fan of Kathleen Turner? What do you think about the award-winning actress taking a role in next year’s Dumb and Dumber To?

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