Farrah Abraham Auditions For Soap Opera [Video]

Farrah Abraham is truly an amazing talent. In less than a year she’s gone from reality star to porn star to, if everything goes well, soap opera star.

Abraham has been trying to follow the “Kim Kardashian Guide To Fame And Fortune” and she’s already completed the first step: Make a porn video. Now all she has to do is use the infamy surrounding that video and build an entertainment empire.

But she isn’t getting off to the best start.

Abraham recently sent in a video audition to Days Of Our Lives in the hopes of landing an upcoming role. Unfortunately, US Magazine reports that the reality / porn star didn’t get the part.

You won’t get a chance to see Farrah Abraham on Days Of Our Lives anytime soon but you can check out her audition tape below. And yes, even compared to soap opera standards it’s pretty abysmal.

It’s so bad that Abraham may have given up acting altogether. After all, the reality star did start asking people to buy her things on Amazon. Abraham reportedly made seven figures for her porn video but she’s apparently having a hard time coughing up $1,489 for a bookcase or $1,089 for a pair of heels.

If you really want to help Farrah out and buy her some stuff you can check out her Amazon wish list here. Of, if you’d rather laugh at Abraham’s expense, check out the video below.

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