George Clooney Gets In Trouble With Venice Police

George Clooney apparently got in hot water while cruising on a speedboat while at the Venice Film Festival in Italy. No pun intended.

The glamour man was having some fun during off-time from his duties at the Festival, when an over zealous local spotted him piloting a boat on Tuesday.

According to Vanity Fair the Italian publication La Nuova Venzia reported that local lawyer, Mario D’Elia alerted Venice police asking them to check whether Clooney has a nautical license, which according to the paper is needed even if Clooney had had a license, in order to operate a water taxi in the Venice Lagoon.

D’Elia told the Corriere del Veneto newspaper on Thursday, “I asked the authorities to go to the Hotel Cipriani to see if Clooney has a nautical license.”

George Clooney jokingly answered questions afterwards confirming that indeed he was at the helm of the water taxi for a few minutes and saying it’s the most dangerous thing he’s ever done.

The actor is in town to promote his new film Gravity, in which he stars with Sandra Bullock and fending off questions about Syria. Clooney is a vocal political activist who doesn’t parse words when giving his opinion.

Now as to driving the water taxi, legal experts tell La Nuova Venezia that if authorities decide to issue a citation it would not be for Clooney, but for the boat owner who allowed him to take the helm.

Nerves have been on edge in the area after an accident earlier this month in which a gondola and a ferry collided killing a German tourist.

The city’s famous “cabs” have been banned from entering the Grand Canal, where the accident happened, ever since the tragic event.

Last anyone checked, there is no exception to the rules even if your name is George Clooney.

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